My Heart Shatters

The farthest thing from my mind is life without you

Yet the only thing that reality reveals is the reality of my worsening fears;

What we’ve had has become broken

A shattered misconception of misplaced effort;

This road was big enough for the two of us to work (walk) on

It seems that only I have traversed its steep hills;

It was in a field of lilies that I found your soul

Or was it a place of thorns that you rescued me from?

Either way, we found a life that promised 

It promised but that in and of itself never fulfills;

We laughed, rolled, and ran through the field of hope

We stopped to gaze at the immeasurable beauty;

You took this heavy heart of mine and made it light

You reminded me of what light really is;

You have loved me and accepted me for who I am

This stony heart became flesh again;

You plucked each individual thorn from my soul 

Not even wincing when they drew your blood;

You were a constant, a source of joy

No human soul can outmatch what you’ve given me;

 Then, a storm arose

Deep within the distance the clouds broiled over;

The darkness enveloped the land and threatened danger

I saw it, feared it, and warned you about it;

You calmed my heart and assured me that it was of no consequence for now

I smiled but deep within, my heart was worried;

The storm grew closer, louder, angrier

Your heart remained light and unafraid;

“It’s coming quickly” I cried

“It won’t hurt us” 

Darling, the storm is here

The wind is howling, my heart is yearning;

The thunder claps with the ferocity of a lion’s roar

The rain floods my weary soul;

I see you bent and broken underneath the weight of the wind

The lightning causes fear in your eyes;

My heart shatters and only wishes you would have listened

I scream because you have experienced pain;

Your tender soul has now scraped the surface of loss

It is here that you grow;

I did not want this

I did not ask for this;

The storm came and within its rage we find who we are

You must decide;

Will we weather the weather together?

Or will we find shelter apart?

My heart shatters

Find me;


2 Replies to “My Heart Shatters”

  1. How so incredibly powerful!
    “A shattered misconception of misplaced effort;”
    a single phrase that communicates far more than its simple collection of words
    Your soul sings here
    Just remember – God still knows where you are.

    Liked by 1 person

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