This Happens Every Year…

This happens every time.

The coming, the going.

The motivation, the apathy.


Folks (does anyone even use that word anymore?), I graduate in less than two weeks. In fact, 12 days to be exact.



With that comes the unbearable amount of stress and homework that the end of the school year brings. Add to that the added pressure of finding a place to live, a job to work, and a life to live and you get mass chaos. I’ve awoken the last two days to some of the worst neck and back pain I’ve ever had. Thank you, ibuprofen for being a constant in an despair ridden nightmare of reality.

Let’s see, last week I wrote a 3 page, 8 page, and a 10 page paper. I also studied and took a Counseling final exam (hardest professor on campus mind you) which I passed with the highest test grade I’ve ever gotten in his class (86!!). I also had other homework assignments to complete as well as lead worship for our school retreat in Myrtle Beach.


This past week has been a relief from all of that but it’s only the eye of the proverbial academic storm. This is the last week before finals week. Do you know what that means?


Papers, presentations, projects, and tests. Within this week I will yet again complete a 4 page book summary, a 5 page paper detailing two different culture’s view of marriages while contrasting it with the biblical idea of marriage, an 8 page counseling paper, and a final exam. I also have to summarize my ten page paper into a research presentation and have that presented on Thursday. I’m also working all week this week and we just so happen to have an event going on Tuesday that will require my attention all day long.

Did I miss anything?

The only upside to getting through this week is that after Saturday I will have finished every ounce of my undergraduate homework. I’ll be a free man.


I say all of that because I’m trying to explain why I’ve been so silent. I do remember that about two weeks ago I posted a blog called “B-b-b-b-back from the Dead”. Ha! The irony. I shouldn’t have fooled myself because I knew that homework was going to drag my overly optimistic sap back in to it’s earthy grave.

Melodrama is what I’ve been reduced to.


Anyways, I graduate in 12 days and Captain America: Civil War comes out on the same day. Those are the only two things getting me through this week. Oh, and my family being here in less than 10 days. Oh, and the freedom I’ll be able to enjoy by being a college graduate. Oh, and my beautiful girlfriend. Oh, and the grace of God. Oh,…..I think you get the point.

I’m going nuts.

Save me.

Send help….

And cookies.

Lots and lots of cookies.


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