“The World Spins Madly On”

A newfound friend of mine, Sam over at I Could Be Batman…, inspired me with a short comment on one his most recent post. He said, “Music is a powerful thing!”

How true?

Music has the power to persuade, to propagate, and to perpetuate an incredibly wide range of emotions. Are you happy? Listen to some pop music. Are you sad? Settle down with some Blues. Are you angry? Scream your heart out with some rock n’ roll. If you happen to have lost your woman, dog, and pick up truck, there’s a genre for that too.

This comment got me thinking about my ritual of blogging. It got me pondering how I “get in the mood” to blog. As with everything, a mood has to be gotten into in order for it to be enjoyed to its fullest. Right? Riggghhhttt?

Let’s go with a resounding yes because it only helps prove the point I’m going to make.

When I first started blogging with Confessions, all the way back in January of 2015, I stumbled upon an acoustic playlist. This playlist was full of music, artists, and lyrics that I had never heard before. It was full of distinction, difference, and depth. It sparked emotion in me and I haven’t let it go ever since.

I don’t know if this is fact but I feel like many, many writers take their time planning out posts; professionals is what I think we’re supposed to call them (I’m not bashing you, just envious that you have the time to be able to do so). I am of a different mind. Sometimes I plan ahead but about 95% of my blog posts were written on the spot in the midst of deep inspiration. Would you like to know what gets me to that point of inspiration?


I go to a very specific place when I write. I can’t describe it fully but the best word I can come up with is “relief”. Writing has become a source of relief for me and the music I listen to whilst writing brings me to that place. It inspires the mindset, places me in its shoes: The strum of the guitar, the hum of the vocal chords, the harmonizing of emotion. It’s visceral. It brings me alive.

I describe this to you because I want to ask you a question. Actually, two questions. First, can I share with you this playlist? Secondly, what music inspires you? Leave a comment below with the name of the song and help me find some new music!

Music for when I need to grieve:

Music for when I’m Happy:

Music for when I’m Feelin’ Lovey:


And for an honorable mention:



Alright, ladies and gents. It’s your turn! Diversify my blogging playlist. And….go!


8 Replies to ““The World Spins Madly On””

  1. What a coincidence, I was just talking yesterday about what a powerful effect music has on me and my mood! I especially use it as a motivator when I’m struggling to find the energy to do something. I listen to DJ Khaled’s “All I Do is Win” except I’ve changed quite a few of the lyrics… “All I do is Twin!”

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    1. Hahaha I love it!! That’s a great way to keep things moving. I love the power of it all. Too many people are afraid of experiencing their emotions and embracing it. Music helps me grieve, laugh, and scream (if I need to) lol

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  2. Let’s see, where can I stick Hanson… 😉

    From what I’ve listened to lately…my lovey song is Josh Wilson’s “Always Only You.” My depressed song is Radiohead’s “No Surprises.” And my happy song is Pharell Williams’ “Happy.”

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