I’ve Done it!

It’s done.

It’s over.

5 years of stress, tears, and pain…

All concluded by a simple click of a mouse.

My undergraduate career has officially come to a close. The only thing I’m waiting on is for my family to arrive on Wednesday and for my graduation ceremony on that Friday.

It really hasn’t set in but I feel it. I feel the tears, the emotion, the gratitude. I feel it whelming up inside of me. It’s almost like an approaching thunderstorm but I have a feeling that this will indeed be a glorious show.

I reminisce about life on many different occasions so this is nothing new but this round comes with an amplified sense of accomplishment. Every all nighter, every book read, every paper written cemented in to the history of my accomplishments simply by clicking the “submit” button one final time.

It’s done.

It’s over.

I’ve accomplished something worthwhile.

I’m the first of my generation, within my family, to attain a collegiate level diploma. How incredibly overwhelming is that? I can’t say that I’m not proud. I can’t say that I’m humbled. All I can say is that I’m relieved.

It feels like a dream, these last 5 years. I remember the day that I stepped on to my first college campus. I remember the anger I experienced when I left it early. I can easily recall the fear I had when I moved to Winston-Salem alone. Now I’m about to live through the joy of graduating college.

God is faithful.

Oh, He is so faithful.

Whether you believe in Him or not, that’s your preference, but my, oh my, how faithful He has been. I’ve experienced pain that I could never have imagined in these last few years but here I am. I’m alive, I’m stronger than I was, and I’ve been given more than I could ever deserve.

I set out to find friends and fulfillment but I, in turn, found a family and a home.

God is so faithful.

Now, in a week’s time, my family will all be here and I’ll don my cap and gown, 5 years removed from my High school graduation, and accept my Undergraduate degree. I like to think that my vocabulary is extensive but no words can describe what I’m feeling. So, I’ll leave it at that. God is faithful.

On a more formal note, this week is going to be huge and full of emotion. Two things of worth mentioning are as such:

  1. The first batch of my senior photos (found here) were featured on Broken Light: A Photography Collective this week! This was an amazing opportunity and according to the site, featured the most pictures they’ve featured in one post. They told me they couldn’t decide on which one’s to publish simply because of the story being told. I can’t say I’m humbled because that would be a relative lie. I will say that I’m grateful for that opportunity though!
  2. Which leads me to my next point: the second batch of my senior pictures are being taken on Monday! As you know, part 1 was just the first half of the story that I want to tell. I plan on finishing this story with this new collection so keep your eyes peeled!

As I stated above, my family arrives on Wednesday so from now until then, I’m on vacation. I’m intending on going hiking tomorrow so maybe I’ll post some pictures? Other than that I’m a free man. I celebrated by grabbing some local Chinese food with my roommate.

It’s over.

It’s done.

I’m a “free” man.


Now I need to find a job.


15 Replies to “I’ve Done it!”

  1. That great Matt we are all so proud of you. It’s been a long hall so to speak with many trials an you you came though it with God help. We are praying that you will land a good job shortly.

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