Photoshoot Update!

Buenos noches, mis amigos!


One of the very few things I remember from Spanish class in high school. I’m honestly impressed I can even remember that specifically because it’s been about 6 years since I took any Spanish. Anyways…


I honestly didn’t sleep last night. I tossed and turned for the majority of the night and ended up getting up around 715a. Know why I’m not upset about it at all? Simply because I was too excited about what today was going to hold! That’s right, today’s events were so amped that I couldn’t sleep well.

That’s saying something.

My plan for the day was to shoot the last half of my Senior pictures! My first collection began my story and I ended it in a really rough spot. My buddy Devin and I took those shots back in December and I’ve been anxiously waiting to finish the story.

I certainly could have asked for someone to take the normal, cute, clear cut pictures you would expect from someone graduating college. In fact, I was tempted. Then a thought occurred to my brain and it lit my soul on fire.

Why not tell a story?

Your story?

I wanted my Senior pictures to be a symbol, a lasting impression, of the pain and triumph that I had experienced through my five years of college. I wanted these pictures to serve as a reminder for the rest of my life of God’s faithfulness to me in the darkest moments of my existence. I wanted to tell a story that made people uncomfortable; that opened the eyes of the ignorant and gave them sight into the world of mental health.

I honestly believe that we accomplished that. I had many people tell me, “those pictures were hard to look at.” Boom. Mission success. My basic response is, “Yeah, that was the point. Imagine having to life that life like so many other people do, and like I did.”

We took the first batch of pictures in the dead of winter to represent the death of all things. The cycle of nature coincided with the allegory of my spiritual and emotional death. We would have shot all of those pictures then but it wouldn’t have helped our story.

Well, Winter has come and gone and Spring has come. What was once dead is now alive. Likewise in my upcoming batch of pictures. I wanted these to be different, to progress the story, and to finish it all of on the highest note possible. Simply put, I wanted these pictures to go next level.

In my honest opinion, these pictures went a couple levels higher.

I’m so excited to share them with you and to finish telling my story. In the meantime, catch yourself up on the first collection and then keep your eyes peeled for round 2. It will be intense, I promise!

Senior Pictures: Part I

And, if you’re still sticking with this post, here are a few behind the scene pictures of today’s shoot! 🙂 Love you guys!


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