Social Media-Palooza!

I genuinely love the word palooza. It’s a strange little word but it clearly communicates a massive party is about to go down. You can honestly put the word palooza behind anything and odds are a lot of people are going to show up to it. Take for instance these examples…

  1. Taco-palooza
    • Honestly, who doesn’t wanna be a part of this kind of party?
  2. Puppy-palooza
  3. Party-palooza
    • It’s like one big party wrapped up in another massive party! I want it.
  4. Pancake-Palooza
    • WHAT?! WHO DOESN’T WANT THIS?!fa4b3a57eee9d28e3d7dbd1c8a39037b6047932fa2c00b6249cf3960065ed3d8

See what I mean? Putting palooza behind anything guarantees a good time! With that said, I’ve created my own kind of palooza. (I really love using that word)

It’s a social media-palooza day! I finally got around to creating a main facebook page for the web site and I also changed up my Instagram to feature a more focused effort for what we’re trying to accomplish. My twitter has also been updated and is being used more often! The links to all of these are all at the bottom of the site but I’m going to post about each individually below!

Confessions’ Facebook: Are you on facebook? Do you want a quicker, more convenient look in to all things Confessions? Click on the link above to be taken directly to our Facebook to receive daily updates, sneak peeks into future projects, and all of our blog posts!

Confessions’ Instagram: We love pictures. You love pictures. You also must love Confessions if you’re still reading this. What better way to combine all of your love than to follow us on Instagram?!

Confessions’ Twitter: Let’s be honest here, we’re not that proficient in the Twitter world. I suppose you could say we’re not a bunch of twits…Ha…ha…ha…No? Well, follow us here anyway!

In other news, part two of our “story through photograph” comes out TOMORROW. We’re so pumped to share these pictures with you. Part one can be found right here.

We have a lot of exciting things coming in the next few months. It’s amazing what graduating from college will do to your personal freedom and motivation. 🙂



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