Looking to Network with Other Bloggers?

Happy Wednesday, my friends! I was graciously nominated many a day ago to receive the Leibster Award! This is an award presented to bloggers with 200 or less followers for the sole purpose of being able to network and have your name spread around! This is a great opportunity for new bloggers, young bloggers, or struggling bloggers to have a little light shone upon them! If I nominate you, be sure to take part!

Without further adieu, here are some fun questions about me!

Have you found a theme to your blog? Is there a topic that you return to almost subconsciously?

I most definitely have! I’m very passionate about Mental Health and raising awareness for it. Through my blog I write about my day to day experiences as well as more formal, and some informal, articles on what I’m learning.

What is the one thing you’ve learned about yourself as a blogger?

I love putting emotions behind words. People have told me that I have a way to make them feel what I say. I believe that’s a powerful attribute to have even though I may not know how I do it.

What is your favorite way to learn?

Apparently it’s through the hard way. I’ve never learned a lesson in my life by doing it the easy way. Am I thankful? Yeah, I suppose you could say that.

What is the one decision that you’ve made in your life that you will never regret?

Eating Macaroni and Cheese. Never. Never. Ever.

If you could live in the past, which period would you choose?

I would probably have to choose the 1950’s. I love the culture and the look. Everyone seems to always be dancing and having fun. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

If you had to change careers, what career would you choose?

I would be an engineer who designed and helped build theme park rides, specifically for Universal Studios.

Who is your favorite philosopher?

I really don’t follow philosophy so I would have to get back to you on that one.

What is your favorite poem?

Invictus by William Ernest Henley

What is your favorite myth from Greek Mythology?

I love Greek mythology but I really don’t have one.

Name one guilty pleasure.

Honestly, I’m not guilty over this and I never will be but I’d have to say dipping fries into a vanilla frosty from Wendy’s.

Now it’s your turn! If I nominate you all you have to do is accept the award, post the picture to your blog, and then nominate a few other bloggers. The award specifies 11 but you do you boo-boo!




  1. Trendsworthy
  2. Jennalynnblog
  3. A Blog About Healing from PTSD
  4. Postcards from Kerry
  5. I Could Be Batman…
  6. Survivor Road
  7. Why Are There Two?
  8. Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors
  9. Confessions of a Recovering P.K.
  10. Autisticaplanet blogs
  11. In Silence We Suffer


There you have it! Find some new blogs, show ’em some love, and don’t forget about us! Have a great day everyone!


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