Only A Thorn

Will the words spill out of my mouth?

Will my actions prove to you this time

That I can be a better man?

Your eyes speak of beautiful hope;

Your voice calms the sea of my heart

and I’m reminded of the joy that overflows.

Your beauty is like the rolling hills;

Soft, welcoming, and lovely

is your presence to my heart.

Your soul stretches my heart to the heavens;

It is here that I find warmth,

So reassuring, peaceful.

I am a thorny bush;

You are the rose at the end of the vine

bringing life to this dry ground.

Wanderers pass by us;

They stand in awe of your beauty

And you draw them in with kindness.

You are most valuable, my love;

Worth more than the stars,

Brighter than the sun.

I thank God for your presence, majestic rose;

Without you I would only be a thorn,

Existing for a purpose but without the promise of grandeur.

Words written by Matthew Malin©

Image via Pinterest

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