2 Easy Ways to Raise Awareness On Social Media

I think it’s safe to say that we live in a technologically driven world. I constantly find myself on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and yes, sometimes even Pinterest (only the funny section though).

Even as you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking of the latest status that someone had shared about that one guy doing that one thing with that one person that one time…Entirely confusing but somehow it makes sense in our minds. Or maybe you’re thinking of your next blog post and how you’re going to promote it through social media.

Let’s be real, social media is incredibly powerful. It has the potential to stretch your internet arms all the way across the world without ever leaving your living room. Through the various means of media platforms you can interact with people you would never meet on any given basis. What you type has power regardless if it’s right or wrong. You can do incredible damage or bring delightful harmony to the world around you. Guess what? It’s all at your fingertips.

With that kind of power comes great responsibility. Thank you, Uncle Ben, for the oft-repeated life lesson. With that, you would think that individuals would choose to use it to make the world a better place. After all, we live in a society that begs wars to end, for equality to come, and for discrimination to come to a halt. While there are many people who are using the social interwebs for good, there are also many more who waste it.

My Facebook feed is constantly and consistently filled with crap I don’t really care about. Honest enough, for you? This blog is called Confessions for a reason, you know. I’m pretty sure everyone reading this will agree. We spend day after day scrolling mindlessly through a bunch of retweeted, shared, liked, loved, haha-ed garbage and only every once in a while do we come across something worth reading about.

What I mean is that too many people are busy posting about their latest grocery store run or who-banged-who last Friday night instead of using the power disposed at their fingertips for something worthwhile.

What is that worthwhile thing, though? Well, in my case, it’s Mental Illness. I’m passionate about it. The many individuals that I read here on WordPress and that read my work are incredibly passionate about it as well. We want the world to know what really goes on inside of our brains. We’ve put up with the stigma for far too long and we’re demanding that we be heard. So, guess what my social media is full of?

You guessed it! Mental Illness information or such related posts. Now, from time to time I do post random updates but lately I’ve strayed from it. Why? Is posting about miscellaneous things wrong? Nope. I just find that there are more important things in life to be spreading awareness of rather than my latest Taco Bell encounter.

For instance, the 41,000 people who commit suicide each year

Or maybe the 6.7% of American Adults who deal with Major Depressive Disorders

Want to know what’s funny, though? Actually, it kind of makes me sick but let’s run with funny for now. I can post a cute picture of my girlfriend and I and receive a generous amount of attention. I will also then post a picture, or status, pertaining to Mental Illness and it’s as if the entire world logged off of Facebook until my next cute picture.

It’s as if everyone wants to pretend that some things don’t exist. They say ignorance is bliss but I call it like I see it: ignorance is ignorance.

I’m sure you have probably come across something like this in your sphere of influence and I’m also sure you’re incredibly frustrated with the world we live in. If that’s the case, here are 2 things you can do to ensure you make a difference:

  1. Don’t give up
  2. Keep posting, posting, posting!

It’s seriously simple. The most effective way to raise awareness is to keep raising awareness. In fact, the best way to raise awareness is to post information about your topic more often. The ones who don’t care will find their way to the door. Believe me, it’s like a mass exodus from my social media feed when I go on a mental illness rant. If the people around you don’t care, well, that’s their prerogative!

You never really know who you’re going to impact through social media with your voice if you don’t use it. You have incredible power at your fingertips; use it for the betterment of the world around you. Spread love. Spread hope. Spread Jesus.

With that said, here’s my challenge.

  1. Find us on Facebook (click here) and like us
  2. Share your story with us
  3. Share your story with your friends
  4. Don’t give up when you efforts seem worthless
  5. Keep on posting!

That’s my social media challenge for you all. Combat the societal norms of social media by being the change you want to see in the world! Sometimes all it takes is saying something for someone to change their mind, or become educated about something they had no prior knowledge of!

Make a difference!


Image via wallpaperscraft.com

5 Replies to “2 Easy Ways to Raise Awareness On Social Media”

  1. I rarely even read Facebook. I’m so tired of reading cute pictures that someone has posted, and someone else has reposted, and reposted. I have my Facebook page about child abuse, and every time I post something on my blog, that appears on my alternate Facebook page as well. I got the attention of someone from my church, but then I got scared because I have so many relatives out there who knew my parents. That makes me scared about posting things to Facebook from my blog. But then why do I write those posts? I do if for people to read, and learn – everyone. Should not be scared to talk about what’s going on in my mental health. That’s why I write my blog.

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    1. I feel you here, my friend. I’ve found that, if we’re not careful, social media can become a great place of fear and bitterness. Keep focused on the Lord and keep your voice loud and clear! Someone is reading and they are being impacted by your words. It’s not for loss! 🙂 Have a great Sunday, Karen!

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  2. This is so true, because I have learned so much and have become more aware of mental health from your posts! You’re such a talented writer! I love your work…and I love you! 😉

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