Sail the Seas

Sail the seas

Let your heart breathe in the air

I will guide this ship safely to shore;

Stand on the edge

I promise that you are safe with me

These rocks will only make us stronger;

Is there a sound that makes your heart afraid?

Is it the rough facade of my skin?

Is it the thought of an approaching storm?

I will try harder

I won’t be the man I used to be

My heart has sailed heavy storms and loved;

My ship is battered

The wind did its damage to my sails

My soul has taken on water;

Be quick to save me

You are the sun breaking through the clouds

You will be safe here with me;

Cast your cares to the skies

Let your arms flow freely

My beautiful bird flying into the sun;

I will be here sailing this great water

I will be here when you come home

Please, come home

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