Blood Stained, White Washed

Fill the seats and make people happy

Hide the sin and don’t let anyone inside

You coward!

Your hands are stained with blood

You’re white washed, you don’t know what you’ve done


Your pride and arrogance have served you once again

Crushing the hope that’s covered your sin

You point, you judge, and you want your own way

While the world is simply looking for a way

You line the aisles with all your complaints and you claim the name of God?

What happened to the cross and when did it become about us?

How could we be so foolish to believe it’s all about you and me?


So, fill the seats with people who are unhappy

Open up the sin so others will know who lives within

Wake up, let us be broken by our sin

I pray that God forgives us and we will be humbled again

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