Thank God for Tums!

I like to pride myself on having a relatively sturdy immune system.

I don’t often get very sick and I like to chalk that up to my time working at a hospital. There I encountered countless diseases, small, large, rotten, invisible, alike. I remember even being exposed to someone battling through HIV/AIDS. My immune system was pretty solid and still is.

Though I may not get sick often, it doesn’t mean that I don’t get sick. In fact, at about 4 am this morning I was reminded of that.


I don’t know if I ate something bad, over-did it yesterday, or if my gut was just being a butt…ha…but it was some pretty intense pain. That coupled with nausea and sweating, made for a pretty rough evening. Thank God for Tums though! Sweet goodness, those little pills are like Jesus’ healing hands. Miracle workers!

Unfortunately, I did not go to work today. I stayed in bed until 12, went to my first counseling meeting, and then took my car to get inspected. I’ve been laying on my couch ever since trying not to stir the monster that is mah belly.


I did drink some Hawaiian Punch and when I got to the bottom of the cup I noticed some irregularities with the texture of the juice. Instead of it being a thin, red layer of beauty, I found some white, yogurt looking crap stuck to the bottom of the cup.

I almost threw up…again.


I’m now currently a few hours removed from drinking said mixture of juice and old milk (I swear the cup was clean) and am hoping that I don’t have to deal with poisoning all night. I shouldn’t but I’m a hypochondriac so therefore I would be remiss to not worry.

Here are a few minor observations I’ve made over the last few days…

  1. Drinking spoiled milk, even by accident, is never a good idea.
  2. So is choosing frustration and anger over peace. You may feel justified in your spite but I guarantee you it’s not worth it in the long run.
  3. The social media world is up in arms about a gorilla and a little boy. The only opinion I have is that the American people have their priorities screwed up. Kill countless amounts of children through abortion and no one bats an eye. Shoot a gorilla and everyone loses their minds. Yes, I went there.
  4. I miss my girlfriend so incredibly much. She recently left to work at a camp for the summer. It’s been a hard few days and my heart is so incredibly sad that she isn’t here. I miss you.
  5. With that said, it’s not been an easy adjustment but I know that this will throw our relationship into the stratosphere of maturity so long as we keep a good attitude. She’s done great. I’m having more issues than I’d care to admit. Regardless, our love will last and I’m not worried about what’s going to happen.
  6. Jesus is good, so very good.


How are you all? What did you do with your Memorial Day Weekend?

My heart says “Go eat a bowl of lucky charms” while the lump in my throat says “Probably shouldn’t do that.” Either way, I’m probably gonna end up with a bowl of lucky charms.



14 Replies to “Thank God for Tums!”

  1. Oh man! I’m sorry you’re feeling crappy, hope it passes. And, gah, yes about the gorilla. While I tend to agree about animals being on display as entertainment, the hating on the mom, child, and person(s) who made the decision are deplorable.

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      1. I’ve been trying to drive up content with the Republish stuff, since I’ve been pressed for time and that only takes a couple minutes, but hopefully it’ll pick up with time. Definitely seeing more organic activity on Facebook at least, which is a good sign.

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      2. I hope so too! I definitely want this to work out for you! πŸ™‚ Yeah, i noticed the facebook growth over the last few weeks and thats great! I’ll spend some time tonight trying to invite people to the page. πŸ™‚

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      3. Thanks! Me too but if not at least I know I tried. And even if it doesn’t seem like it’ll work at least I can keep it up and we have something to point to for experience for another writing gig.

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