I’m A Flirt With A Big Forehead…

Every once in a while you come across a rather “revealing” moment. It’s either given to you by circumstance, word of mouth, or a thought passing through your head. In this case, I did a survey with my girlfriend and I learned quite a bit about what she thinks of me! Read our conversation below and let the hilarity ensue!

Each question is followed up by two responses. I’m answering Kay’s questions and she’s answering mine. Our answers will be identified as such:



Easy enough. 🙂

What is something I always say?

 K- “Seriously?!” “Really?!”

M- “Uhm. And. I’m thinking. Really?”

What makes me happy?

K- “Me being on time and movies!”

M- “When I don’t complain about you being late and Oreos!”

What makes me sad?

K- “Me not being on time” and “When someone disapproves of something you do.”

M- “When you feel like you’ve disappointed someone.”

What was I like as a child?

K- “Cute, troublemaker, mischievous, and a flirt with a big forehead.” *freakin’ really?*

M- “Adorable, quiet, shy, and a nerd who dressed up for war re-enactments.”

How old am I?

K- “23”

M- “19”

How tall am I?

K- “6’1”

M- “5’10”

Whats my favorite thing to do?

K- “Hang out with me. Final answer.”

M-“Play soccer and hang out with me. Final answer.”

If I become famous, what will it be for?

K- “Writing”

M- “Your soccer goalie skills.”

What am I good at?

K- “Writing, singing, playing every instrument, making people laugh, communicating, soccer goalie, comforting, driving in the snow, at being a good boyfriend, planning, and a whole bunch of other stuff.” *she’s so sweet*

M-“Playing soccer, making me laugh, helping me remember the positive sides of life, being loving towards other people, patience, kind, buying presents, forgiving, being loyal, hugging, being a good girlfriend, and supporting me while accepting me for who I am.”

What am I not good at?

K- “Trying new food, staying calm,  putting on my makeup, dealing with annoying people, dealing with change, and just a few other things.” *all true*

M- “Being on time, remembering things, putting on my makeup, and communicating quickly.”

What makes you proud of me?

K- “Graduating college, your writing, all of your creations at work, your heart for the Lord, your ability to lead, and other things I can’t think of.”

M-“You have an incredibly tender heart, you went to work at a camp this summer, you worked hard during your freshman year, you never quit, your loyal to the people who you love, you always look for the best in other people, you try your best to keep your heart and mind on the Lord, and you put up with me on a daily basis while never wavering in your love.”

What is my favorite food?

K- “Tacos” *wrong answer…my favorite is chicken parm*

M- “Lasagna”

What do we do together?

K- “Watch movies, hike, and talk on the phone a lot.”

M- “We think together, we talk about God and other things that matter, we work through the difficulties of life, and we eat oreos!”

How are you and I both the same?

K- “We love sports, movies, Jesus, rollercoasters, and the outdoors.”

M- “We’re both bull-headed, stubborn people!”

Where is my favorite place to eat?

K- “Taco Bell or Subway”

M- “Olive Garden”

How old was I when I met you?

K- “22”

M- “18”

When is our anniversary?

K- “October 10th.” *wrong*

M- “October 8th” *wrong*

Turns out our anniversary is October 9th!

If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

K- “Universal Studios Orlando” *she knows me so well*

M- “Into my arms” *oh yeah, I’m smooth.*


Do you think you could live with me forever?

K- “Yes” *woohoo!*

M- “Yepperz!”

How do I annoy you?

K- “You call me 15 times in a row when I don’t answer and when you interrupt me.”

M- “You don’t pick up the phone the first time I call you!”

What is your favorite thing about me?

K- “You’re genuine.”

M-“You are full of love and beautifully innocent.”

We’re going on 8 months of being together and I can honestly say that I love her with everything I have. It’s not been easy. I don’t like to beat around bushes or put on a fake smile and pretend. It’s not been easy but it’s been worth it. She’s an incredible girl and I couldn’t imagine, or even dare ask, for someone else to be in my life. I don’t deserve her but I’m so thankful I have her.

Also, you be the judge…Big forehead or nah?


Feel free to copy and paste the questions on to your blog and talk to someone you love and who’s close! You’ll learn a lot about what the other person thinks of you!


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