A Letter to Those Who Hate Christians (I Understand)

Honestly, I’m not that surprised at the state that our country is in right now. I don’t say that to demean the nature of the situations we face, as my heart is equally broken, but I do know that our world is evil. There are incredibly evil people on this Earth. They seek to divide and to kill. They want to incite anger and violence. Their existence here is only to bring death.

This goes for anyone and everyone.

There are those that are Christians, atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, whites, african americans, gay, or straight that seek to do the very things I read above. This isn’t a matter of opinion, religion, race, or sexual identity. The Bible says that all of mankind is wicked, vile, and sinful (Romans 3:23). It does not say that only Muslims are wicked. It does not say that only Gay Americans are wicked. It says ALL are wicked.

Let me clarify something…The “Christians” that you see lining your social media with nothing but praise for the attack in Orlando are NOT Christians. Their praise and joy over 50 men and women being slaughtered is the farthest thing from “Godly” that I could ever imagine. Westboro Baptist Church? They’re not “Christians”, they’re a cult straight from the pit of hell.

I believe in a God and I believe in what Jesus Christ did on the cross. He gave us a way out of our sin and eternal punishment. He gave us a free gift of salvation and the choice is ours to take it. Jesus calls us to love, He calls us to serve, and He calls us to be like Him. What does that mean?

That means real Christians should be actively laying down their lives and their desires for the betterment of the world around them, not condemning the world to hell. Do I believe in hell? Yes. Do I believe that anyone who doesn’t have a relationship with Christ when they die will go there? Yes. Is it my job, though, to spend my entire life condemning people for their sin when I am equally, if not more, sinful, than they are?

Where have we gone wrong?

Christians are no longer spreading the love of Jesus. They’re casting a false image of hatred, condemnation, and violence. We aren’t being like Christ.

My friends, if you know who Christ is and are gaining a “bad taste” in your mouth because of “Christians” today, I want to extend a heartbroken apology to you.

This is not the Jesus of the Bible.

This is not the God of the Universe.

As our hearts are so torn over recent events, God’s heart is broken as well. He longs to see His creation redeemed and restored. All of this hatred, violence, and death is a by-product of sin being in the world. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

My heart is so broken over the events in Orlando. I don’t care if they were homosexuals. I don’t care what race they were. They were real people with inherent value and Jesus loved them. They had families, friends, dreams, and hopes. Do I agree with their life choice? No, but that’s not what the issue is here.

Christians who rejoice over these events will be handled by God himself. Please, know that real Christians are heartbroken and yearning to do something to make a change in this world. We stand together as Americans and as human beings. I beg you not to see Jesus as you see some Christians today. He is so much more perfect and beautiful than anything you see nowadays.

God, help us.


13 Replies to “A Letter to Those Who Hate Christians (I Understand)”

  1. That’s so sad. Shortly before deactivating my FB to take a break from all that depressing stuff, I saw how some were blaming the “Christians transgender laws.” Wut?! They all need to stop pointing fingers at everywhere but the evil person whose hateful heart made the choice to do that.

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly. Everyone has a social and political agenda to push. No one wants to accept the blame. Theyd rather push it on something that they hate. This issue isnt a christian or homosexual issue. This was an act of terrorism, plain and simple.

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  2. As someone who grew up with the “love is love is God” teachings, I completely agree. As someone who left the church for reasons extending beyond hate and into fear mongering, bigotry and ignorance, I wholeheartedly understand. But if there are more Christians who denounce this wave of falsehood, then perhaps there will be a wave of community, peace and brother/sisterhood.

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    1. I couldnt agree more. I know that, within my community of Christians, there are many who are dennouncing such actions and thoughts of other “Christians”. Unfortunately though, i think the media coverage of those rejoicing over this event drowns out the attempts of the genuine. Its a hard place to be at.

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      1. To be sure! I mean, not that this makes it any better-or provides any comfort-but it’s that way for all religions. I’m sure you’ve seen the “witches eating babies and sacrificing to Satan” news articles. Witches don’t even believe in Satan (unless you’re a Christian witch!) and are positively repulsed by human sacrifice! But all people seem to focus on is the bad and the extremists-from the KKK and Westboro Baptist to Daesh to human sacrificing witches. That’s why it’s so important no matter what religion you align with to promote the actual truth-not the media version (which is why I even commented on this in the first place) So thank you for putting actual truth out there.

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      2. Exactly! Thats actually an incredibly good point. Its amazing the power that the media has to distort and twist everything. I hate it. I wasnt too sure on posting something like this but then i figured it wouldnt really huet anything.


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