This is Real(ity)

I got a lot on my mind tonight

This writing becomes my high(t)

Taking me higher but leaving me low

I’m dreaming and searching but nothing comes to mind;

The highways of my thoughts race

but we can’t find the starting line

Are we going to finally make that right turn?

Or will we keep running in circles?

Desperately desperate to feel something new

I don’t even feel like I can be real here anymore..

My own safety spot, my refuge

Now it feels like an obligation;

What good is this if I can’t be real?

These emotions welling inside

Why skip the pleasantries?

We couldn’t even if we wanted;

These words are my therapy

I hit the grind on a daily

Expressin’ this express-ly 

So many eyes watching, suppressing me freely;

Can’t find time to gather my thoughts

I sit here wondering what to bleed

These words are a lifeline

They give life to my blood;

Now my thoughts constrain my words

As a dam withholds a flood

I got a lot on my mind tonight

Pour out


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