Confessions’ Hot Seat: That’s What Anxious Mom Said

Have you ever been put on the spot? Have you ever been asked a difficult question that could have ramifications far beyond anything you could ever imagine? Do you ever lay awake at night wishing that one person didn’t know that one thing about you?

If you have, the literal personification of your nightmares is coming to life!

Welcome to the Confessions’ HOT SEAT.

This is a segment I came up with where I ask the questions and guest bloggers have to answer as honestly as they can! In all honesty this is just another form of a blogger interview but my goal is to make it fun and hard-hitting.

Each week I’ll have blogger fill out the questions (which will change from week to week) and then they will be posted here for you in all of their unedited glory!

This week’s guest is my great friend E, over at That’s What Anxious Mom Said. I’ve been following her for about a year now and we have become the most excellent of blogging friends! She blogs about Mental Health, her kids, and “other crap”, as her blog so affectionately says.

She’s an incredible person and I love her to death! Check out her blog when you’re done reading the survey!

1. When did you start writing for your blog?

I started writing in October 2014.

2. What’s your motivation for writing?

Sometimes it’s to let off steam about personal issues — which is mainly why I started the blog –and other times it’s to share general stories about my life or kids. At this point, my kids probably come up more than anything, and I like that I’ll have these stories to look back on when they get older and I can’t remember anything.

3. What’s the craziest thing someone has commented on one of your posts?

In a post where I talked about falling down with my then one-year old, the following comment was made:

“Falling with a baby in your arms” would absolutely be my favourite Olympic sport. Of course, I would have the baby wear a helmet, I’m not an animal.”

Here’s the link: Weekend Coffee Share

4. What’s your most embarrassing moment as a teenager?

Probably when I got my feet stuck in my desk in high school. I have larger than normal sized feet and shoved them in the basket under my desk (I’m a fidgety person). A short time later, my squirmy self tried to remove my feet and realized they were stuck in the basket. After trying to get them out and becoming quite alarmed, my teacher took notice and was also quite alarmed and started trying to help me. Everyone thought it was hilarious and then about half the class succeeded in getting their feet stuck under their desks as well. The teacher was less than thrilled with trying to help the other students with this predicament one by one.

5. If you could go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Steve Carell, only he would have to stay in character as Michael Scott from The Office for the entire time. Why? Because it would be hilarious.

6. What’s the most common thought to run through your head during the day?

“I’m so tired.”

7. Who do you most want to be like in life?

I’d take anyone who is organized, on top of everything, and still has the energy to keep up with their kids (and isn’t a serial killer or anything like that). If I have to name a specific person, though, it’d be Tina Fey, because she’s funny.

8. What’s your biggest regret in life?

Not being strong enough to follow my dreams. There’s a back story to that, which I’m not going into now, but I wish I would have fought harder to pursue a career that I would have been happy with.

9. Would you rather fight 10 horse sized crabs or 100 crab sized horses? Why?

Obviously 100 crab sized horses, because I could likely outrun them and avoid fighting at all, since I’m a wimp. If I were put in a cage with them, at least I could stomp the mess out of them.

10. What’s the number one reason you wake up every morning and keeps you fighting?

My kids, simple as that. Without them, there are many times that I wouldn’t have been able to push myself to keep going.


I hope you guys enjoyed the interview and I hope you all go check out her writing! Leave a comment down below and maybe you’ll be the next one on the hot seat. *laughs maniacally*


Check back next week for our next edition of Confessions’ Hot Seat! Have a great weekend!


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