Top 7 Reasons I’m Afraid of the Dark

Yes, I’m afraid of the dark.

You may laugh but I’m being dead serious. (punz)

99.99999999% of the human population is afraid of the dark and that .00000001% is LYING.

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the dark was the sole tormentor of our childhoods along with the terrifying reality that there might just be something hiding under your bed. Some of us grow out of it while others still pretend that the boogeyman can’t get us if our toes aren’t hanging over the edge.

Admit it. You still think that.

Here are my top 7 reasons I’m still afraid of the dark as a 23-year-old male.

7.) The unknown sensation crawling across my leg

I’m genuinely not ashamed by this. I don’t care if you’re 6 foot 30 and 500 pounds. If you feel what could be a bug inching across your flesh, the nearest item is flying across the room and you’re burning the house down.


 6.) Childhood trauma

No, I was not abused as a child; physically, at least. I don’t know if you could label having the bejeezus scared out of me one too many times emotional abuse but it’s close. I specifically remember a time that my father scared me so bad I broke my toe. Yeah. Maybe I should compile a list of top ten jump scares I’ve experienced?

5.) Nightmares

Look, I’ve had some pretty foul nightmares. Demons, ghouls, snakes, sisters, you name it, have shown up in some of my nightmares. Typically I’m always on the defensive and in a very small place where it’s very dark. I need to stop eating before I go to bed…


4.) Horror movies

This one’s pretty obvious, especially after the release of the new horror flick, “Lights Out.” That movie’s entire premise is based on a ghost that only shows up when the lights get turned out. Yes, I made the foolish mistake of seeing it. Yes, I was a little worried upon turning the lights out that evening. No, I’m not emotionally scarred. *shivers*male-fangirling

3.) Feeling like you’re being watched

What is it with the correlation between darkness and feeling like you’re being stalked? I don’t get it but I never feel like I’m being watched during the day. I mean, sure, I don’t give many people a reason to stare but still! Why only in the evening?! STOP IT ANONYMOUS STALKER. Oh the struggles of being a small time blogger…Everyone wants a piece of the magic…


2.) Things that shouldn’t be there

Unless a couch happens to apparate in your living room in the middle of the night, we can all agree that I’m talking ghosties or robbers. The LAST thing I want to see in my room at 3am is a hooded figure seemingly floating while trying to steal that self-portrait. #anonymousstalkerstrikesagain!


1.) Table corners

Above all else, table corners are extremely terrifying entities in the dark. They can strike from out of nowhere when you least expect it. They inflict maximum damage and can leave you breathless. Harmless in the light but soul crushing when shrouded in the night. #nevertrusttablecorners #orlegos

What are some of your reasons for being afraid of the dark? Don’t pretend like you’re not. The anonymous stalker and I see right through your charade! Leave a comment below. 🙂

Also, HUGE news coming next week! Confessions is taking a couple of huge steps forward and we’re extremely excited! It’s going to be HUGE. Keep your eyes peeled for more information. Have a great day!



8 Replies to “Top 7 Reasons I’m Afraid of the Dark”

  1. I couldn’t sleep without a nightlight. Light from the cable box is enough now. I don’t like not being able to see some light. I need it to clear the ever present pictures and videos running through my mind. I am grateful to God for the gift of sight..and of light. A little light is a companion in the dark and makes the dark enjoyable for me.

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