Lament (Ocean’s Beckoning)

The road I called home has come to an end

Pieces of yesterday lay broken and spent.

There is nothing to hold on to but memory

Even that seems to be simple accessory.

I wish to go swimming in sorrow

The ocean swallows me either way.

Will I wake up on the morrow?

Irony strikes because I don’t have a say.

Broken and contrite but fully at rest

They all say that “this is for the best”.

Is it truly my greatest desire

to be faced with this impending flame?

I laugh as tears stream down my face

Lament, as they say, is beautifully grace.

I suppose what they say is true

if torture is beauty and sorrow so new.

The ocean beckons me to come breathe

Darkness swallows me.

I shall find peace in this torment

My soul cries out, I am in lament.

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