That Time I Made a Girl Pee Herself…

Let’s be real for a moment. I have a pretty…strange…idea of what’s supposed to be fun. The older I get, the more ridiculous my sense of adventure gets as well. Combine this with my affinity for abandoned places and cemeteries and you end up getting strange looks from some people.


One of my favorite things to do is to play hide and go seek in the dark inside of a massive cemetery in my town.

Mhm. You read that right.

Cemetery…Hide and go seek…in the dark.


Sound like a slasher movie waiting to happen, doesn’t it? Well, it almost turned into that one night for a couple of random girls.

Here’s how the story goes:

In the Fall of 2015, I induced a fever amongst my friends at my school for this version of hide and seek. There were times where at least twenty of us were meandering through this old cemetery and to be honest, it was terrifying! You could never really tell if you were looking at someone (or something) off in the distance because of how dark it was. If we ever happened to stumble upon one of our friends we would spend the next few minutes trying to calm our racing hearts. Darkness, graveyards, ghosts, and hiding amongst tombstones makes for a pretty thrilling and terrifying experience.

One night, a buddy and I were “it.” We had probably been seeking out our friends for a good twenty or so minutes. The only unfortunate aspect of the game was how big the grounds we were playing on were. The vast amount of space, places to hide, and overall darkness made it practically impossible to find anyone. Because of all of this, we had to rely upon our keen sense of hearing to find anyone. Basically, we turned into a couple of bats…You know, without all of the hanging from trees and using echolocation…Anyways.


As we were walking, we both heard loud chatting off in the distance. Both he and I stopped dead in our tracks, listened for a moment, and began sprinting in that direction. We couldn’t believe that a group of our friends was being that loud when the whole point of the game was to stay hidden. I mean, they weren’t being secretive at all. We didn’t care though and so we pushed on.

We cleared past a large tree and sure enough, two girls were walking the opposite direction laughing as loud as can be. What we didn’t realize, until it was too late, was that these girls were not our friends. In fact, we had no idea who they were. Turns out they were just random pedestrians taking a stroll through an otherwise isolated graveyard.

They almost died.


I mean, picture with me here. Two girls, all alone, walking through a graveyard at 10pm. They’re laughing, having a great time, when all of a sudden, two very large men come bolting OUT OF NOWHERE towards them. What would you do?

Well, there was screaming. Lots of screaming…and swearing. We quickly stopped, apologized profusely, and waited for these poor girls to calm down. We explained what we were doing (not that this information made it any better but I digress) and they eventually began to laugh about it all.

We continued to apologize as they walked away and they were sweet enough not to murder us where we stood. Sweet girls because, honestly, we deserved it. As they walked off, though, one girl turned around and yelled back at us this sweet little phrase…

“I honestly think I peed myself a little.”

All in all, they were pretty good sports about it but I do feel a little bad about making the poor girl wet herself. Not that bad, though…Like, not bad enough to where I wouldn’t go back and do it again…because that was incredibly hilarious.

I think we genuinely learned to be a little more sneaky next time we’re playing said game and think we found our friends. Next time we may not get off without having a knife inadvertently meshed with our skin.

Looking back on it, that could’ve ended very badly.

Thank God she was too busy peeing herself to actually react.


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