Deep Within My Soul

Lightning is the only lighting I have

This storm envelopes my sense of being.

A moments glance is full of darkness

But then brilliant light outlining these shadows;

These demons.

The thunder is the sound of the hunter’s growl

I feel like running but I’d rather sink.

This rain is a cool relief to my hardened face

Maybe the break of dawn would be a change of pace.

The wind howls, however long and eerie

I find that I feel desolate and weary.

Did you notice I’ve begun to rhyme?

I swear, the flashes of light are to blame.

I can’t keep track of these shadows

They come and they go.

Pieces of peace are what I lay in as I stare out my window

A war between light and dark wages out there

And deep within my soul

10 Replies to “Deep Within My Soul”

  1. “A war between light and dark wages out there
    And deep within my soul”

    I know of that battle. Fortunately, I also know the creator of that light – as do you – so though the battle may wage on, the final outcome is already determined… (if only we could keep that in our minds)

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      1. Well enough – pastor has me doing piano/vocal worship on Tuesday evenings during prayer meeting – mixed blessings – I love doing it, but the negative in me says I’m not good enough, it’s too much, etc etc —
        How are things with you?

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      2. Ahhh, that’s tough! I too have heard that voice but the Lord has always been quick to remind me that it’s not about my worth, talent, or skill. Do it for Him, friend. πŸ™‚
        Im alright. In a place of questioning for my future. The Lord is in control but being in this place is scary. Especially being a person who likes control.

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