I’m Dying…At least I feel like it

I woke up this morning afraid I was having a heart attack.

How’s that for a starter?!

It’s true, though. I went to bed last evening having apparently tweaked a muscle in my back or chest. Don’t ask me how because I don’t know. All that I know is that it hurts like…well…there really isn’t a word I could use to succinctly summarize my pain.

Use your imagination. 🙂

It started off mildly uncomfortable as I laid down last night and I woke up this morning feeling as though someone was repeatedly stabbing me in my chest and back.

Throughout the day I did research on what differentiates a heart attack and a pulled muscle. My mom would kill me for doing that but I HAD TO KNOW.

What if I die because I didn’t notice a heart attack? What if I die because I gave myself a heart attack worrying about a heart attack when all that it was was a simple pulled muscle?! WHAT IF I’M OVERREACTING?!

*heavy breathing*

It’s a pulled muscle, folks.

Anxiety has a funny (not) way of making small things into bigger things. I do have to say, though, it hurts. Bad.

Have I mentioned it hurts?

Basically to the point where any movement sets it off. Thankfully it’s beginning to subside. Right in time for me to board a plane and climb 30,000 feet only for me to realize it WAS a heart attack and then die in the sky.

At least my soul won’t have a long road to travel to arrive at heaven.

Closer to Jesus, folks. Closer to Jesus. #perspective

I’m heading up north to be with my family for the week. I’ve needed a vacation and this will be a good chance for me to unwind and enjoy a summer vacay. We’re also going to Cedar Point on Friday so if I don’t have a heart attack now, I’ll have one riding a 400-foot roller coaster.

Something tells me that dying on a coaster is a cooler story to tell the peeps up in heaven.

Fingers crossed!

Who else is traveling this week? Where to?

10 Replies to “I’m Dying…At least I feel like it”

  1. Yikes I hope you’re all better by now. I’m the same as you — jump to the worst case scenario and googling just makes it worse! I wonder if we could actually give ourselves heart attacks by getting so amped up over thinking a muscle strain is a heart attack?

    Have fun with your family!


  2. i do not, not NOT envy you the roller coaster ride. absolutely hate those things…
    as for the heart attack – been there, done that. and, at least from my perspective, anxiety/panic is worse. it lasts longer (or does for me) and I was unconcious for most of my heart attack, which I never am for the anxiety attacks.
    Now that I think about it – have a good time on that roller coaster. Remember, anxiety is just proof you’re alive (and scared out of your mind ….) And like you said, if it’s a heart attack – one step closer to Jesus.


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