[HIGH} Above the Sky

After soaring the heights above;

I can say I’ve seen the depths of your love.

The sky cast a magnificent glow; 

In that moment, sunshine was all I wanted to know.

I’d never seen such brilliant light;

Reminders of life’s worth in the simple moments.

My eyes were transfixed on your radiant face

but then I noticed darker clouds coming with haste.

They built a wall and blocked out the sun

What was once light became shrouded.

Mystery surrounded me and I could not see

Lights flashed all around me.

As I stared into the abyss I saw a reflection;


The window I gazed upon glared back

Reminding me that this was only temporary.

Soon, I’ll return to the ground I departed from

Not even this darkness can hold this plane me down.

Truly, the depths of your love

Reach to the heights of the sky.20160802_202328



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