YOUR Confessions Through Photography

I love photos and creating photos. But I’m not the only one. Some of our wonderful followers of the blog have an incredible eye. They have shared their photography with us and we want to post it!

Meet Allison Kramer:

Here’s her story –

My name is Allison M. Kramer. I am a Christian woman with autism who has had a lifetime interest with photography, but couldn’t afford to get serious about it until digital photography came on the scene. My first camera was a Kodak 110 that my dad gave me on vacation in California when I was 9. The sensory aspect of my autism keeps me largely isolated from the world and incapable of supporting myself. I do have family who loves me, which seems to be a rare blessing these days. Forest preserves serve as my main backdrop for photography, and occasionally the rural drive my sister takes me on (I don’t drive).

Though I have plenty of limitations the world and Christians are quick as lighting to point out to me, God has declared to me in His Word that I am His beloved child. His truth is something I went for 19 years of my life without knowing due to not being able to (and still am unable to) attend church.

I see myself as I do this broken window that still has opportunities and possibilities. I hope others can look past preconceived notions and faulty perceptions, not judging a book by its cover alone.
Allison sent this great photograph with this story attached:

This window is part of a barn in Genoa, Illinois. I took it back in 2012. I call it “The Broken Window of Opportunity”. There is beauty in brokenness. The artfully arranged shards of glass contrast well with the darkness coming from within the barn. As a photographer, I am drawn to buildings that have literally weathered storms, including but not limited to barns.

You can find Allison’s blog here!
We were so grateful to read and spread Allison’s story and photos! If you’d like to be featured – drop us an email at either or! You can also leave us a comment and we will get back with you.We’d love to post your work!

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