What Have I Done? (Curiosity Kills)

What have I done?

My ship was steady but now sinks

The thunder roars, it’s laughing at me.

Lightning illuminates the black sky

I see to the depths of the ocean

Monsters swim beneath begging me to dive in.

Panic swells into my throat.

I feel as though I’ve lost my chance.

Water is flooding my boat, what happened?

It was calm, I was collected

From nowhere the storm surrounded me

It gnashed its teeth at me.

The fiery rain fell on my face

It burned me at the soul

I realized this rain was the reason for the hole.

It was seeping into my boat

I couldn’t make it stop.

There’s no hope for my little boat.

I knew I shouldn’t have come here

I shouldn’t have done this.

I saw the storm in the distance but curiosity kills.


Curiosity will be the death of me.

8 Replies to “What Have I Done? (Curiosity Kills)”

  1. Hi Matthew,
    Great descriptive about destruction (!) There is going to be a lot to be curious about in near future. Virtual reality, trans-humanism (the combination of humans and machines in their bodies), and One World Order philosophies and doctrines which come to us as angels of light. These are declared today to be the solution to our world’s problems. But we know that without Christ in the hearts of men there is no lasting solution.

    We must follow the Spirit of God within us. This is corporate (church) but also individual guidance. We see something that concerns us and we ask God if there is anything we should/could do or just to leave it alone. We have to get very good at discerning what God is asking of us. If we are sincere and without malice or guile, God will give us answers to these questions that we have. We must wait on Him. We do this by prayer, talking to Him throughout the day, looking in the Bible for precedents, and following others who live in godliness, and literally just waiting….. to hear from Him. We will know, (especially after the fact) When he spoke, When he acted on our behalf. We learn from this.

    The church and individuals are going to have to research and learn about something before they try it. They need to know the risks, and the benefits. Does it produce godliness? I read recently in an article. ” There is so much information available today via the Internet that people are ignorant because they choose to be”.

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  2. there is always a way out … we are promised that. unfortunately sometimes we escape with nothing but ourselves. any “treasures” we brought with us, or thought we found, are gone. but we remain.
    i guess the idea here is not tear yourself down for going there in the first place.

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