No impurities

I look around, amazed that there are no deformities.


Take my hand

I’ll give you a chance.


You have no face

Glamour and jewels take its place.


You look beautiful

Are you sure I am defined suitable?


You don’t understand me

How could you pretend to be something you can’t see?


Break my heart in three

A piece for you, a piece for me, and one for the whole world to MOCK


Did my mask scare you?

Was it too dirty?


I’m sorry I didn’t measure up.

My false pretense practically playing pretend.

I don’t need you.

I’m not weak.

Build your glass house.

Shatter it.

This dance floor becomes a game.

A farce.

A burning house.

The place where my soul blends in.

A charade.

I’m done playing your game.

Welcome to my masquerade.

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