A Requiem of Rebirth: Chapter 2

Chapter 1 can be found here.


I feel as though I’ve been walking for ages.

The sun still shines but this sorrow within me rages.


What happened to my solitary road?

I once thought it to be my home.


It seems as if it has turned on me.

Blinded by imperfection on this torrential sea.


I can’t help but feel empathy for all of the little cracks, though.

Who could’ve done such a thing? How could this be so?


A slight glint of light catches my eye.

Below my perception, I see a reflection of the sky.


Bending near, I see the broken glass

Shattered imperfections of my face revealed at last.


I can’t help but marvel at my misconception.

I’d never seen such brokenness in my reflection.


I sat for awhile, thinking on where I came from.

I suppose I was only hoping someone would come.


Come alleviate me from this loneliness.

Alas, no one showed and so I left to search for a home most odious.


I found it near.

It’s wooden beams calling me to venture here.


Sorrow leapt from its pages.

I knew I needed to pay my wages.


I opened the door to a resonating crack.

It was then that my entire world faded black.



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