Requiem of a Rebirth: Chapter 3


My world fades to black.

The skin on my bones decays.


This house is built on shattered dreams.

Fire burns where no one hears my screams.


The glass becomes my friend.

It pierces my skin, carving my pain, this is the end.


I feel trapped inside this house of my nightmares.

I see the light and I wish to be seen but all I can do is stare.


This hell has become a hiding place.

My demons do not relent, they give me chase.


My path is nowhere to be found.

It played me and left me to drown.


I can’t deal with these emotions.

Throw me into the sea so I can be swallowed in the ocean.




I make my pain an abode.

Carving these words deep into the bone.


Worthless, alone, afraid.

Depression strikes my heartstrings.


I take the knife to finish my worthlessness.

All other efforts seem senselessness.


The darkness overtakes me.

Welcomes me home.


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