In the Darkness (The Panther Approaches)


Good evening, my dear friends!

Welcome to the new and improved Confessions site! I started playing around a little bit this evening and landed upon this gem. I wanted something a little bit brighter and a little more concise in fonts and style. What do y’all think?

A good friend of mine contacted me earlier today and requested that I simply read over a poem that he wrote and give some feedback. The only feedback I gave was asking if I could post it to my blog! Erick did a great job with this poem and if you like it, be sure to let him know down in the comments!


I hear it growling in my head.

It’s prowling around for my soul;

Ready to attack,

Calling my name.

Black poison drops from its tongue,

Burning the ground and everything around.

“Give up. You’ve lost! You can do nothing right!”

“End it all.”

“You’ve sinned too much. You’ve gone too far, child.”


“No!” I scream.


“Yes, you worthless pile! Do what you should have done long ago.”

The panther approaches.


“No!” Says He.

The panther drops his head.

I look to the sky and see a bright light not overcome by darkness.

This light is different.

It gives me warmth.

I feel love.

The light gets brighter as it draws closer and I feel  its embrace

The panther flees;

It cannot handle this holy light.

“Come, my Son.” says He

“You are mine.”

“You are beloved my Son.”

“Follow me.”


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