A Requiem of Rebirth: Chapter 5

This is the final chapter of my poem/story/picture project! I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this collection and that you have found peace in the midst of your trials through the testimony of what God has done in my life.

Much love!

I made up my mind.

I fled that place.


I wanted to fight.

I wanted to give chase.


How could I fight a demon that would kill me?

I knew nothing of its weakness.


So I fled that place

and I began to seek peace.


I ran

I tripped

I crawled.


Determined to find a way back to my path.

Destined to return home.


My own blood covered my eyes.

The dirt seeped into my bones.


The pain of years past gave me strength.

The chasing darkness hurled me to the light.


I could feel it chasing me.

I turned back, nothing but fear was in sight.


When I turned back around

My heart leapt for joy.


Could it be?

Indeed, my path, my road, my home lay before me.


I had not felt such elation in years.

I could barely remember the feeling of a tear.


I ran forward

Ready to embrace.


When it caught my eye.

The master of hate.


It lay before me once again.

Separating me from freedom.


Screaming inside

I knelt down to face my prison.


There was nothing else I could do.

I stared it in the face.


I could not take back the pain,

rather, I felt its embrace.


I let it wash over my soul

But then I let it be my guide.


My muscles tore

My heart came back to life.


I wretched, pulled, and ripped.

That demon of mine, its existence stripped.


The final pieces fell to the floor.

A slave to myself I was no more.


There before me etched in blood

Was my Saviors name, the one who pulled me from the flood.




I was free

What a feeling to be alive.


Washed in the water

Saved by his blood.




2 Replies to “A Requiem of Rebirth: Chapter 5”

  1. what a journey! I’m a bit sad that this is the end of your set… but somehow I feel your speaking in picture and rhyme is far from over, so I await the next installment(s), be it under a different banner.


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