Save me, O Lord.

My enemies quicken.

he rises from the deep to take my soul.

O, for my eyes to be steadfast on the Lord.

The mountains quiver ;

My heart is afraid.

Like a thief, he whispers;

He fills my mind with empty pleasantries.

Momentary satisfactions leave me breathless.

They do not deliver as he promised.

These rocks, they pound me relentlessly.

I cry out for help but hear no return.

I look to my left, to my right;

No one can hear me cry.

Lord, hear my plea.

Leave me not, nor abandon me here.

My soul is crushed beneath the lies.

Be the voice that guides.

Rise up and defend, my Savior.

Kneel down and comfort me, Healer.

I am the only one here and I have sinned against you.

Hear my desperate cry for your love.

Be my advocate and defend your son.

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