I’m Beyond Fed Up

In light of recent events, I feel as though something should be said. I don’t dive into the world of politics very much. I find it to be extremely depressing and I cannot handle much of it at one time. I can’t keep silent, though. I’m beyond fed up.

As you can probably imagine, I woke up this morning feeling incredibly sick. The news had been turned on in my hotel room and I awoke to the commentators discussing the recent unfolding of a certain someone’s comments from eleven years ago.

As a primary disclaimer, Donald Trump makes me sick. I was weary of him before but I now realize that there is no defense for him. Whatsoever. His comments, although more than a decade ago, are horrific, disgusting, and terrifying. Yes, he may have changed but I don’t buy it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put together a few puzzle pieces. Donald Trump is a pig and needs Jesus. Seriously.

As a secondary disclaimer, I do not like Clinton either. In my personal opinion, she and her party are cancerous. She also needs Jesus. Seriously.

Your opinion may vary and that’s ok. I stand where I stand. I’m not writing this to sway or debate. There’s a greater issue at hand.

Amidst the debacle that is the 2016 Presidential “Election” race, 800 people have met their demise. The southernmost coast of our nation has been rocked. People’s lives have been changed, ruined, and ended.

Yet our media focuses their attention on two of the most despicable people walking this earth. Instead of highlighting rescue attempts or the needs of those suffering, they choose to highlight sexual affairs and perverse comments.

Should we be surprised, though? This isn’t a presidential election, it’s a reality tv show. Welcome to 2016, folks.

I would even have to say that despite the idiocy of either party, the mass media is what makes me incredibly ill.

Not but shortly after Trump’s comments were “released,” “secret” news was leaked about Clinton through Wikileaks. This information, although not entirely damning to Clinton, certainly doesn’t help her case.

So what does all of this mean? Coincidence that these two revealing bits of information were revealed almost simultaneously? I don’t think so.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all. I’m also not stupid enough to believe that these have nothing to do with each other.

Need I say this again?

There are 800 people dead in Haiti…that body count is rising.


Gas prices continue to fluctuate. Our economy is tanking. Men and women in our military are losing their lives. All for what? Seriously. For what?

And the media wants to spend their time promoting/celebrating/lauding/trivializing Donald J. Trump and Hillary R. Clinton?

It makes me ill thinking about it. It gives me no hope on an external basis. Either one of these two is going to be our next President and I can barely stand the thought.

Oh, but there are redeeming qualities for either side?


Both individuals are vile and morally corrupt and the way that I see it, neither are fit to run for President of these United States of America.

The media doesn’t help either. Actually, they exacerbate the situations. They have an agenda. They’re nothing but puppets on a string. So are we.

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you would hopefully know that my hope isn’t in the election. My hope isn’t in who will become the next President. My hope is in God. My trust is in Christ.

Do I think things will get better? No. The Bible says they will only get worse. The only instance that life gets better is when it ends (if you’re going to heaven). Until then, this is the mess that we live in.

Christians, we need to be praying more. We need to be active in our communities. I don’t mean “street-preaching” or door-to-door evangelizing. We need to be doing life with our neighbors and our friends. Christ exhibited His love through what he said and what he did. We should be no different.

I can’t sit here and tell you to vote. I don’t even know if I’m going to. What I can say is that both sides are habitual liars and will do what is necessary to gain power.  This country is in trouble. In my humble opinion, I believe that we’re under the wrath of God for turning our backs on Him.

Scoff if you may, I’m ok with it. I stand where I stand.

I’m fed up with our government. I’m fed up with the lies. I’m fed up with those who perpetuate the lies and only make them worse.

God, please, be merciful to us.

8 Replies to “I’m Beyond Fed Up”

  1. Great post. When you have an election with Trump and Clinton being the best the country has to offer (ignoring HRC’s primary rigging), you know you’re being punished for something. I’ll vote, but it’ll be third party, as I refuse to have either one of those candidates on my conscience.

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    1. Indeed, my friend. Indeed. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do. I need to sit down and watch the debate from this evening. It may be a waste of my time but atleast it will help clear a few thoughts in my head…maybe.

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  2. Great post Matthew! I continually have been saying to people to please do NOT sit out the vote. If you must, vote for Mickey Mouse. By not voting at all, politicians are assuming that we are apathetic and don’t care. Then when there is outrage, they wonder why we care if we didn’t vote. Vote. Put SOMETHING down. Anything. But, send the message that you do in fact care enough to vote, but are beyond dissatisfied with the choices.


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