Y’all…It Finally Happened.


It finally happened.


At long last, I can share with you, my very first humorous search term.

I genuinely hope that you are as excited as I am because, for me, this is huge. As bloggers, we all know that we are the little minnows swimming in a literal ocean of information. Every day, whether we admit it or not, we’re constantly trying to figure out how to optimize our search terms, relegate traffic to the site, and get people to simply pay attention.

I make a habit out of checking my search term indicator to see how people are finding my blog. More often than not it’s categorized as nothing more than unknown search terms. Some days I can tell that there are those who are actually searching for individual posts of mine while others simply stumble upon me. Today, though, is a mystery. I have no idea what this person was looking for or why they were looking for it but apparently, Google thought that I was a great choice for the search term. Take a look.


Go ahead, look again if you need to. Come back when you’ve processed it.

Mhm. Someone googled “agirl pee” and somehow found my blog. I can’t quite figure out what’s more intriguing: the fact that out of all of the information I’m sure exists for female urinating, my blog was of the best or that someone was googling that.

Now, I know what blog they stumbled upon when they entered that phrase. It hearkens back to a doozie of a story that I told a few months ago. I accidentally, yet hilariously, caused a girl to pee herself. Seriously. Here’s the link: Click here. Go read it and laugh with me.

Seeing this pop up in my search term box was certainly funny. If you’re reading this and you were that person, please know that you are now my favorite. I love you dearly. Please, keep googling the way you Google. The world will grow to love you more and more.

On another note, I almost died on the highway today. I’m not sure if this specific truck had a vendetta against me or simply didn’t care about anyone’s life but their own. Needless to say, I almost ended up chilling in the bed of this truck as they carelessly cut me off to get off on their exit. Should it be noted that they could have stayed right behind me and gotten off of the exit in the same amount of time? I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was chilling in the right lane, minding my own business. I mean, I want to see Jesus and all but not like that.


Anyways, here’s an inspiring t-shirt quote for you:

I wish I were full of tacos instead of emotions.

Honestly, I relate to that t-shirt on a spiritual level. I love tacos and I can do without the emotions. My co-worker and I saw that on a t-shirt a few weeks back in Atlanta and I immediately fell in love.

Speaking of Atlanta…

I’m back on the road but only for a few days this week. Thankfully, my travel schedule has pumped the brakes and I will be able to be home a lot more in the coming weeks. Many of you may remember how much the “road life” was affecting me. As a quick update: I’m doing ok. I’m feeling rested and energized. I’m also trying to keep from thinking too long and too deeply. It seems that I can’t dive too deep without finding myself in a bad place. Enough of that.

I want to take a quick minute and thank every single one of those who have reached out and expressed interest in the “Finding Who We Are” series. I’m so incredibly excited to read and share each of your stories and I’m so pumped to see what kind of hope that we can bring through this.

This series is open to anyone and everyone. The idea of this series is to collect your stories and share them on this blog and social media to promote hope and love amongst those who are suffering. This is our chance, as a community of people, to take the experiences of our lives and give back to those who may be worse off than we are. While my main focus is within the realm of Mental Illness, this isn’t strictly for those who have suffered through it and have found some kind of hope. If you have a story that you think can be beneficial to others, I want it and I believe that the world needs it.

If you’re interested in getting scheduled for the series, email me at confessionsmalin@gmail.com or leave a comment down below. Act quickly, though. I’m not lying when I say that I already have posts scheduled through the end of November.

I love each and every one of you but not as much as Jesus does. That’s not cliche, it’s truth.

You are loved.

You are valued.

You are treasured.



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