Just Existing – HeyJudeParsons

Happy hump day, my dear friends!

We are officially one week, yes, one week away from the beginning of our “Finding Who We Are” series. I hope that you all are getting excited about it. I know that I am!

Here’s a blog that I just recently stumbled upon today! Heyjudeparsons blogs about life, depression, and God. I found this post to be extremely relatable and true! Instead of hearing me ramble on, take some time to read this lovely lady’s blog and introduce yourself. 🙂

Y’all have a great day!


For a while now I’d say that rather than living I’ve been existing. As in going through the motions of life – work, sleep, eat, chores etc – doing all the things you need to do but without being in the moment, without purpose, without focus. Being present in everything but without really experiencing it. Life passes by, days pass by without me having much involvement (and occasionally recollection) of what’s happened. It’s almost as if I’m a bit numb.

And it’s hard to pinpoint how or when it started, or even to understand why the change has occurred, why its existing rather than living, being rather than doing. All I know is that currently I’m existing. Just existing. 

Alongside these feelings comes a myriad of problems. The first being that you feel like a disappointment to the people around you. You’re not remembering to text your friend who you…

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