Trying to Explain Bipolar—Normal Is Out There

Happy Tuesday morning, my friends.

Tomorrow marks the very first day of our “Finding Who We Are” series. I am so incredibly excited to introduce this project to you and allow you all to have another platform to share your story.

Each and every one of you have had unique experiences, different struggles, and have learned a myriad of lessons through them. What unites us all, though, is that we are survivors. Whether you feel like it or not, you are breathing today and that means you’ve beaten your illness for today. Find strength in that.

Tomorrow’s entry comes from a lovely lady. Her name is Leslie and she writes at Normal Is Out There. This excerpt comes straight from her About page:

“I’m a 47 year old bipolar, anxious, depressed, ocd, agoraphobic woman with borderline personality traits. More importantly, I’m a 46 year old woman with a wonderful husband, three fantastic stepchildren and a beautiful grandson. I live in the Southern United States, love to garden, read and bake. I started this blog as a way to connect to the Mental Health Community at large. It gets lonely in my head and I’m tired of spinning around in there. I’m hoping that my blog will help others. Maybe my experiences can help make sense of yours. And, I want to learn from you. I want us all to be able to recognize that we are not alone, spinning around in our own heads. We need only open our computer to find someone who understands.”

I’ve been reading the story she sent me and it has brought me to tears each time. I sincerely hope you will join us tomorrow! Take some time to get to know Leslie before you drop in tomorrow and read her story.

Here is a link to one of her recent posts explaining her struggle with Bipolar Disorder: Trying to Explain Bipolar

You are loved.

You are valued.

See you tomorrow!!

Normal is out there

I started this post a few weeks ago.  I got half way into it, got lost, and couldn’t find my way through it.  

Now, I’m happy to remove it from the drafts folder and out to all of you.

I’m going to be driving north at the end of the week to visit family and a couple of friends. But, I have really just started the process of explaining how bipolar affects me and my moods to my parents.  Because, quite frankly, my mother can trigger me better than anyone in the entire world.  She’s been doing it for 47 years.  And when you practice something for that long, you become amazing at it.  Producing rage and floods of uncontrollable tears are her speciality.  I’ve held off discussing this with her for a long time, but now, as disability looks like it will hit in the next couple of…

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