(Your) Beauty

Lift your weary head

I see the beauty inside of your soul.

Why are you cast down?

There is nothing to fear.

Your smile brightens the earth

It sheds light on what was hidden.

Your soul is soft like the flower;

Fragile as glass.

The wind breathes you in

Your rain softens this hardened heart.

Don’t be afraid,

I promise to be gentle.

Oh, if you could see what I see,

Maybe then you would believe.

If the world is full of beauty 

Then the world must be full of you

My dearest friends, I genuinely hope that you all have had as good of a Monday as possible. Our next entry into the Finding Who We Are series is Wednesday! We’re so excited to share Emily’s story and are hopeful that you will join us. If you’d like to contribute to the project, we’d love to have you! Email us at confessionsmalin@gmail.com.

We hope you enjoyed the poem!

You are loved.

You are valued.

You are beautiful.

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