The Hard-Hitting Questions No One Wants to Answer

There are always questions that arise in life that provide easy answers. We’re faced with them every day. I love these kinds of questions simply because I don’t have to ponder on them long. Questions like…

-“Would you like sardines on your pizza?” Nope.
-“Would you like to jump out of this perfectly good plane with nothing but a parachute to ‘promise’ life?” Nope to the nope.
-“Would you like another peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” Uhhhh Yeah!

Unfortunately, life is not 100% full of these kinds of questions. Sometimes more difficult topics arise and they require delegation and thought. Today is one of those days. Below are 19 burning questions that you all want the answers to.


  1. Fond childhood places?
    – Universal Studios Orlando always served, and still does, a spot in my heart that reminds me of family togetherness. Going to theme parks were always good days for us. It was a chance to enjoy something out of the ordinary and laugh while we looked at our crazy ride photos.
  2. Thing(s) you are most proud of?
    – Honestly, I’m proud of this blog and how far we’ve come. I say “we” because without y’all, I probably wouldn’t be doing this right now. Seeing your responses and building friendships with you all has been a constant encouragement these past few years. I’m also proud that I’ve stuck with it and realized a purpose. I certainly don’t take credit for it, though. I know full well that God was the primary purpose and reason for my passion and for bringing you all into my life.
    – I’m also proud of the fact that I released a CD on iTunes and Spotify a few years back. It wasn’t good but I’m certainly proud of having worked through it.
  3. Have you been through any official rites of passage? Unfortunately, no official rites of passage…However…   How about unofficial?  I got pantsed in the hallway of my high school during Junior year. I was minding my own business when I felt a slight breeze blowing through the gap in my legs. Curious of this newfound sensation, I looked down to realize my pants were at my ankles. Not to mention the fact that I was right in front of a group of girls. Hazing at its finest, folks.
  4. What is your role in your family?
    My role is to serve and love my parents and siblings no matter the circumstance or inconvenience. My role is to be a supporter, encourager, challenger, shoulder to cry on, refuge, and a steadfast reminder of hope. It is to give of myself willingly, no matter the cost, for the benefit of the ones God has placed in my life.
  5. Define family.
    – A group of unique individuals willing to give their all for the benefit of another no matter the cost. We laugh together, cry together, stand together, fall together.
  6. Do you get along with your siblings?
    Indeed. We used to claw each other to death when we were younger but difficult circumstances taught us that family means everything.
  7. What small things have you seen or taken note of today?
    How disgusting unsweet tea is, common ground between relative strangers, and the sweet strength of coffee.
  8. What makes you happy?
    Being at peace with God, other people, and giving myself for other people’s benefit.
  9. Do you have good self-control?
    In some areas. I cannot, however, exclaim a resounding “yes.” I genuinely wish I was better at this. Thank the Lord that He is patient with me.
  10. Are you good at making decisions?
    Actually, this I can answer with a resounding “yes.” I often make quick decisions and do not spend too much time delegating. It’s a blessing and a curse that carries equally weighty consequences if the decision turns out good or bad.
  11. How often do you cry?
    – T
    hose close to me will probably disagree here but I would say that I cry once every few months. It depends on whether I’m struggling or not.
  12. Have you ever had any altercations with the police?
    Altercations? No. Run-in’s? Yes. I’ve been pulled over twice but nothing more than that.
  13. How do your relieve stress?
    – I write.
  14. What is cluttering your life?
    Work. It’s an unfortunate “must”, though. Being on the road so much restricts me from maintaining existential things such as cleaning, relationships, and relaxation. It also doesn’t help with my mental state, at times.
  15. How do you help people, in small ways, in large ways, however?
    I love counseling and listening to other people’s stories. I would like to think that a listening ear can be the most effective way of letting someone you know that you love them.  
  16. Who inspires you the most?
    Off the top of my head, I have to absolutely answer Jesus. Yes, I know. It’s a religious answer but it’s true. I want to be like Him. I want to love like Him. I want to act like Him. 
    Other than that, my Dad inspires me incredibly. I have great respect for him and the way that he leads and pastors. He’s a man of conviction, passion, and loyalty. I can only hope to be like him when I grow up!
    – My mother also inspires compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and love. She’s the epitome of a godly woman who would give her anything. I can’t tell you how many times she’s been patient with me when I’m too stubborn. She’s a beautiful woman, mother, and friend!
  17. Do Apps help or waste your time?
    Depends on the app. I find myself wasting too much time on social media but I also see them as creative uses for relationship maintenance.
  18. Does Facebook make you feel bad?
    Nowadays, absolutely.
  19. What music are you listening to right now?
    I have no idea what’s playing right now. I can hear it but I can’t make out what it is. 21st-century mumbo-jumbo, probably.

Hard-hitting, indeed. I hope you enjoyed the small distraction from every day life! If you haven’t had the chance, go check out the second entry into the Finding Who We Are series: Link here.

Ironically enough, I got this survey prompt from our third author for the Finding Who We Are series. Next week, Karen from Abuse. Getting it off my Chest will be submitting her story. We hope that you’re looking forward to it. Take some time to get to know her in the meantime.

You are loved.

You are valued.


3 Replies to “The Hard-Hitting Questions No One Wants to Answer”

  1. Unsweet tea struck a chord in me. We went out for Sunday dinner yesterday and there were two pitchers of tea on the table. I asked which was sweet, and she told me to test them out since she wasn’t sure. I don’t think so, blech!

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