Sunday Confession: This is My Plea to You

I must admit to you, this evening, that I am tired.

I am not tired because of work, mental warfare, or even everyday life. Rather, I am tired of the divide. I am worn out because of the hatred. I feel physically ill anytime I turn on the news or look at an article. We are a country divided.

I’ve never seen a nation this badly split between two ideologies. I’ve never seen our nation this hostile towards each other. Yes, we are a people that do not always agree but to this extent? When will it end? On both sides?

I do not intend on sharing to you who I voted for. It does not matter. I’ve spent the entire day debating on what to share if I even decided to share at all. What I came down to is this: What I have to say has already been said and the opposing side is not listening. What I want to say will cause even more divide and will do no good for forward motion. Therefore, the only thing I want to discuss, tonight, is where my heart is on a bipartisan level.

We can all agree, no matter who we voted for, that this is madness. Both sides have an equal fault in this issue, yet both sides feel as though they are justified in their ways. Both sides are living in fear over the action’s of their new president-elect and I say it’s ridiculous. Would you like to know why?

Our hope is not in a man or a woman. It never should be. Christian or not, I want to share with you, tonight, a peace that will get you past the ridiculousness that is our country right now.

God doesn’t love you based on your political affiliation.

God sent His son, Jesus, to die on a cross for your sin and for mine. We were dead in our sin, hopeless to do anything to save ourselves. He saw us in our need, had compassion on us, and gave us a way out. He offers forgiveness to every single person if we choose to so believe. Do you know what this means on a broader scale?

You and I are equal.

We are on level ground.

There is no such thing as a human hierarchy.

In the eyes of God, we are all the same: desperately in need of a Savior.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ does not look to our political ties to determine our worth and value. The Gospel of Christ looks to our hearts and sees that we were all made in the image of God. For the sake of this topic, the Gospel looks to Republicans, Democrats, Independents and offers the same amount of love to each one. Jesus sees Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. He offers them the same kind of love. The hope of God is that all mankind would choose to serve God and follow Him. He offers it to us freely but we have to choose to take it.

My other point is this: Stop tearing other people down. Whether you’re a Christian or not, stop degrading those who don’t agree with you. Since when did America become a mixing pot for intolerance of other mindsets? Since when did we stop offering love simply because someone believes in different political policies?

Stop your whining. Stop your bragging. Put an end to your fear. Man has nothing over God and we know that God loves us and is working for our good. More importantly, pray for Donald Trump. At this point, he is our President. He is the man tasked with running this country for the next four years. Love him or hate him, be willing to give him a chance and pray for him. If he fails, we all fail.

I don’t want to come across as though I am not sympathetic. My heart breaks for those who are fearful. My heart aches with those who are heartbroken. However, there are better ways to express your disagreements. Be civil. Act like human beings. If you need to grow up, then by all means, please, do so. This is not a time for Americans to split into parties and declare secession. The last time that happened war broke out and it wasn’t pretty.

I know that not many people will read this. I am just a very tiny voice in a very large choir. However, I felt burdened to at least spread the hope of God to those who may read. Knowing that some will be tempted to debate, I am disabling comments on this one post. This post was not meant to draw lines or say a certain party is 100% wrong. Jesus is key, here. You who know me will know that it is not done out of hatred. I love you all. However, I will not be drawn into the mess that I have seen crawling all over other people’s comment sections.

The focus here is Jesus. He loves you. He died for you. He has something better for you. Trust in Him.

You are loved.

You are valued.