Dancing with Your Memory

The musical rhythm ebbs and flows.

It’s soft tune rises and falls.

My fingers intertwined with yours;

We swing to the undertone, the downbeat of our love.

Our feet move in unison.

Our hearts collide as one.

I can feel your soul singing.

The piano caresses us with love.

Your eyes bring me to my knees.

I beg you, carry me away.

The world is spinning but my eyes are fixed on you.

I hear other lovers but this place reminds me of you.

Your fingers disappear.

Your eyes slowly fade.

The music bows to an end.

I’m left alone in this place.

Tears flood my eyes.

I wish I knew the answer to the “why’s”.

They told me that you would stay.

They begged me to have hope.

You used me and left me alone.

Sick and twisted is the way I carry on.

Let me grieve, let me lie.

I need you, I hate you, I’m fine.

It’s a vile game we play

But I love it all the same.

I’ll move to the beat of my anger.

I’ll watch you become a stranger

Despite my passion, I was only an accessory.

Now I’m left here dancing with your memory.

We hope you enjoyed this poem and are enjoying your weekend all the same! Please, let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

You are loved.

You are valued.

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