3 Effective Ways to Make Thanksgiving Dinner Awkward

Gobble, gobble my little jiglets! #thanksgivingpun I’m really not sure if I spelled that correctly but it made me laugh so I’m keeping it.

For those on the Eastern side of the states, this famed holiday of gluttony is drawing to a close but for the rest of y’all, the party is just getting started. As you gather with your parents, siblings, grandparents, and that weird uncle of yours, tensions can sometimes run pretty high. Depending on your political views, your turkey carving practices, or your snoring tendencies, getting together with the family can be a tricky situation.

I can’t tell you how to make Thanksgiving great again but I can surely tell you how to make it awful. Here are 3 effective ways to make Thanksgiving dinner awkward!

1.) Do a Trump Impression

Now, if the family all voted for the same candidate and have the same viewpoints, this could go over great. Who doesn’t love a good Trump impersonation? Well, hardcore Trump supporters, that’s who. A surefire way to ramp up the holiday rage is to bring politics into the picture. Let’s all agree to leave the politics out of it this season and enjoy a day where our lives aren’t surrounded by the chaos.


Which it seems as if I have failed at doing so by reminding you of politics….Oops.

2.) Ask the question, “So are you and so-n-so still together?”

Once again, this has the chance of going over well. The other person could inevitably share the great news that this relationship is now heading into the next stage! Woohoo! Or your question could result in the incredibly awkward response, “No. We broke up such-n-such a time ago.” Then that person is reminded that they’re single and you’re reminded that sometimes silence is golden. Looking at you, Grandma.


Real life example: My sister called my name today and promptly told me that she missed my most recent ex. A cute gesture, sure but it reminded me of…things. Let’s just say that they’re things I don’t want to think about….*crawls in corner and weeps*

3.) Give the weird uncle alcohol

Everyone has a weird uncle in their family. If you can’t figure out who that weird uncle is, odds are, you’re the weird uncle; unless you’re a female and then…well, we will leave that alone. Back to topic: This uncle is already weird enough why introduce alcohol? Then you get strange situations where you watch your uncle hit on your mother while in a drunken stupor……….It’s awkward.



Oh, my friends. I am so incredibly thankful for you all! Thank you for reading this blog. Thank you for being my friend! You all are so encouraging. I hope you have a great rest of your Thanksgiving and a happy Black Friday! I may venture out into the madness this evening. Pray for me.

You are loved.

You are valued.

4 Replies to “3 Effective Ways to Make Thanksgiving Dinner Awkward”

  1. Oh lord, Little Man went on a political rant at my dad’s house. It definitely made things awkward until he said “Too bad Alabama has to leave now,” and we were all flabbergasted as to why he’d think a state was getting kicked out until he said some more and we realized he meant Obama. We had a chat on the way home about not bringing up politics at Thanksgiving dinner!

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