24 Years in the Making…

I’m writing to you all with frozen thumbs standing on an ice rink. Why? I’m skating!

Also, today is my 24th birthday!! 

I’ve hung out with a few friends today, went shopping, ate BBQ (God bless America), and am going to see Fantastic Beasts here soon.

This isn’t a long post but it’s been a good day. Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for the next entry into our Finding Who We Are series!

I’m going to get back to skating. I haven’t hit my butt yet and I plan on staying that way. #southernyankee

I love you all!
Update: I just hit a rut and belly flopped the ice in slow motion. It hurt but my friends said it was graceful. Peace!

12 Replies to “24 Years in the Making…”

  1. Happy birthday, you child. Ok not a child – but YOUNGSTER. Sheesh – you’re younger than my son, who is my youngest.
    Ice skating is a blast. I used to love it – though my ankles and knees aren’t as keen on it as they used to be.
    Enjoy this day as you celebrate the day God brought you into the rest of His creation.

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