Green, rolling plains welcome me home

I stand amidst the wind and breathe

The brilliantly blue sky beckons me to fly

The soft touch of the grass whispers for me to lie down


The field is my resting place, part of my journey

The woods lay before me, mountains all around

I hear the ocean licking the shoreline

I can taste the salt in the summer air


Though I rest, my soul continues restless

There is a presence nearby

It hides in the shadows and hates the light

I know it by name


I dare not look behind

For I know the trouble that lays there

A dense fog envelopes what was left behind

It suppresses what doesn’t belong


Fear, anger, agony await

For those who let him in

Destined to do this forever

Never again will I let him win


I hear his faint voice tugging on my heart

He plays my strings with eloquence

Though tempting, his promises are a lie

His voice breeds hollow cries


Though I press on in this beautiful valley

I can’t help but drift away

His presence follows me

and calls me by name


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Don’t give in.

You are loved.

You are valued.

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