Is Your Passion Worth Pursuing?

Have you ever felt like your efforts weren’t enough? That no matter how well-intentioned your heart was, there was always someone calling you into question? There’s nothing more frustrating than being overlooked, overworked, and under-appreciated.

Often times we find ourselves teetering between doing what we love and giving up because no one else seems to have the same vision. The age old question rings true in the minds of leaders, activists, and visionaries alike: How do I motivate the unmotivated?

How do we unite a group of uniquely individual human beings underneath one banner, with one goal, and one purpose in mind? Those that find themselves in these positions often spend their nights drowning in anxiety and their days feeling like a perpetual zombie.

Let’s be honest: The life of a leader, visionary, “bringer-of-change” is a difficult one. Activists all over the world spend their every waking moment pouring energy into a product, an idea, or a dream only to end up feeling as if they were wasting their time.

Can I tell you that you’re not wasting your time?

I’ve spent two years working underneath the banner of Mental Health Awareness. Many days I have felt as though my efforts were in vain. It seemed that no matter what I did, the only response I received was negative. Most conversations I had with individuals pertaining to Mental Health put me on the defensive. They were not productive. If anything, these conversations made me feel as if I were walking backward.I know that you’ve felt like this at one point in your life. We all have.

I know that you’ve felt like this at one point in your life. We all have.

If you’ve ever pursued a passion, you know that your journey isn’t complete without pushback and resistance. It is not a matter of “if”, but “when” these moments will arise. These circumstances then beg the question, “What will I do with this moment of time? This instance of difficulty?”

The answer that you arrive upon defines not only what you do, but who you become. Many have reached a boiling point and given up. They could not handle the pressures, and the fires of the trial consumed them. Others have taken the brunt of the difficulty and used it to forge in them a heart of steel; pushing forward and successfully bringing change.

You and I, as activists, are faced with a choice every day. Who will we become? What will we do? Will we stand in the face of adversity and overcome? Or will we become a part of a statistic to the world by giving in?

I NEED you to hear this: You’re not alone. You’re frustrations and worries are not in vain. If anything, they’re normal.

Change is not easy. I don’t know about you, but I find it near impossible to effectively change my own heart, let alone an entire culture’s.

As we fight for awareness, justice, love, and understanding, we must first be aware, just, loving, and understanding. Change comes from those who are willing to adapt and be flexible. In order to invoke change, you must become that which you seek.

You can do this. Don’t give up on the world around you. Don’t give up on yourself. Having a bad day? Give it some time. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities. Try again.

Frustrated with people? Continue being a strong, faithful example and maybe one day they will come around. Remember, though: Not everyone will be willing to change, and you must learn to discern between the ones who can be worked with and those who will only waste your time.

The work and passions you’re pursuing are worth it. Where you are now is only a small pinpoint on the atlas of life. It is only a place in which you are passing through.

Don’t give up. You can’t afford to give up. There are people who are counting on you. There are people who need you. God has gifted you with passions, talents, and skills so that you can step into the world and make a difference.


Jesus’ love for you gives you a purpose. It gives you a reason to be alive. The love of Jesus gives you a brand new start with forgiveness that extends beyond any mistake you’ve ever made. Your life, through Jesus, gives you hope. Trust in Him. He loves you so much.

It is a beautiful gift. Do not waste it. Step into the world and be yourself. There is no better you, and there will never be another opportunity like the one you have today. Make a difference. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Your work does not go unnoticed. Your passions are not in vain. You are not alone.

You are LOVED.

You are VALUED.


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10 Replies to “Is Your Passion Worth Pursuing?”

  1. There’s so much I could say here.

    Yesterday was a hard day for me… Satanic attack on a Sunday morning. Depression, anxiety, and isolation almost kept me in bed. But I realized that I did have people who counted on me: my children, my husband, my small group, my Sunday School class, so I got up and did my best and it meant something to them.

    Last year, I spent 3 months and several thousand dollars writing and filing my husband’s immigration case. It went nowhere. Time, money and passion wasted? I don’t know.

    This year, I dream of finally getting something I started 10 years ago published (Think Big and Be Big cards – AND I want to either go back to school or find a good job that I enjoy. Will that come to fruition? Am I well enough to do any of that? Time will tell.

    I have thousands of comics that my dad drew and thousands of original songs he wrote, along with the music. That was his creativity and passion before he died from effects of untreated Bipolar Disorder. Now those things are sitting in the attic. He left this world without his work and amazing talent being noticed and underappreciated by anyone other than us, his family. I like to think that his work meant something, that he had a ripple effect on my life and I’ll pass that creativity down to my children, but I don’t know, is that just a justification?

    So much to think about, so much to ponder. This post has me thinking. My purpose… Will the things I do really make a difference in this world? I hope so. But I’m weary. Pray for me, Matthew.


    1. Oh, my friend. How I feel the pain and frustration emanating off of your words. I truly feel where you are coming from. I will say this: Our deepest times of struggle turn to be God’s greatest times of triumph. Your existence, your struggles, your victories, are not in vain. God is using them for His glory and your good. Cliche, but it is absolutely true.

      You are in my prayers. Keep going!

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  2. Yes!!! The biggest part of being an activist is knowing that all you are doing is starting a ripple. What you touch, touches everything else. I advocate for women’s safety and rights, but that takes on different masks. Some days, that means I talk about self-care and mental health. Some days that means I talk about politics and awareness. Some days, that means I take care of myself and bring my health back to range.. What a thoughtfully made post. You’re absolutely spot on.

    Liked by 1 person

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