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I woke up this morning to see that this week is dedicated solely to raising awareness for eating disorders. I know of individuals who have struggled with these and I know of many who are at a constant war with their own body image.

Ladies and gentleman, after doing a little bit of research I have found that this disorder incredibly serious. I never downplayed its legitimacy by any means, but I had no idea just how damaging it could be.

I was scrolling through social media with plans, albeit small, to contribute to the conversation, but after reading the post I’m sharing today, I decided that I needed to do something more.

This gem of a lady has encouraged my heart on many occasion. She’s open, she’s honest, she loves the Lord, and she’s not afraid of sharing her story to help others. Take a few moments to read her newest post and keep your eyes on our site this week as I try to do my best in raising awareness for eating disorders.

You are loved.

You are valued.



I had been putting off writing this post for about a month and a half. National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Feb 26-March 4 I had been dreading writing this post because, obviously BBB is an eating disorder recovery blog, so I feel kinda…obligated…to address the topic, but honestly, I’m kinda luke warm on the whole […]

via This Post is Raw — BeautyBeyondBones

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