A Stranger in the Graveyard (A Poem)

Clicking, tapping, dragging along the road

The soft echo of my feet cascaded by the street lamp’s glow.

Another night, moon rising through the darkening sky

My journey short, simple, yet encircled by the question, “Why?”

My feet carried me to the local graveyard,

A place not many would find themselves alone without guard.

My heart was desperately in search of someone who understood.

Maybe the resting souls of the dead would listen, a certain likelihood.

Shrouded by the evening mist and fading light,

I shuffled through this eerie sight.

My eyes were peeled to the horizon, looking to find danger

But my mind was lost in the ocean of my anger.

I needed to let go and this was the only way,

Her memory rested in the fears of isolation and dismay.

She said this and she did that…

How could I have not seen our love falling flat?

Psh. What we had love was not.

In all reality, my existence was an afterthought.

After all, who could love one who pursued so relentlessly

When they could settle for less breathlessly?

These realizations were why I came to this silent nest.

I had to let go of the pain and lay it to rest.

My thoughts consumed my soul;

That is, until my worst fears came true.

Without even realizing my surroundings,

An object emerged from the bush nearby and left me floundering.

My mouth flew open and uttered a nasty word,

Curse my heart for leaping at the mere sight of a bird.

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