Addressing the Elephant in the Room…

The difficulty in writing this post is coming in the form of writer’s block. I’m forcing myself to sit here and write this post to you. It’s been a little over a month since returning from my hiatus and I’ve done very little in enlightening you on it.

The few months that I took away from writing were a much needed mental vacation. I had spread myself too thin in the hopes of growing my audience. A novel pursuit, but it became out of control. I needed to refocus and reprioritize. I let a good thing become destructive. I needed to breathe.

So I did! It was difficult at first because I was dealing with a lot of questions and fears. However, at the end of it all, I recommend it to anyone and everyone regardless of their writing motivations. Everyone needs a vacation, especially writers.

There comes a time where, if you’re not taking in as much as you are putting out, you become void of being able to give anything. It’s a common sense principle, but it is deceptively easy to forget.

We all need moments to step back, be silent and learn. Without these moments, are we really writers? Or are we just another cog in the machine desperately looking for a place that our product can fit into?

My hiatus was highly beneficial. It took a little bit of time, but the ideas and the passion slowly came flooding back into my heart and mind. Now, however, I’m faced with another problem:

Disciplining myself back into the habit of regularly posting.

It’s more of a pain than one might think. Between my personal schedule and my work schedule, it’s easier to remain in a hiatus state-of-mind. I have ideas aplenty but wrapping my mind around how to put them onto paper is the task at hand.

With that in mind, one of the biggest lessons I learned was allowing myself to write when motivated and keeping silent when not. There’s no shame in not having anything to say. Sometimes those are the moments when we speak the loudest. However, I believe there’s a line between being lazy and discerning.

Lately, I’ve been lazy and that’s going to change.

I’ve been trying to keep up with your posts. Y’all are writing some amazing things! Keep up the good work. On my end, I’m looking forward to continuing the journey with you as we share the wisdom we have all gained.

I want to mention, in short order, that I’ve updated the About sections of the website! I’ve also designed an entirely new template for Confessions. Check it out at What do you think?

I’m in Phoenix Arizona this week, Orlando on the next, and then the week after that I will be in Boston and Washington D.C. It’s going to be a busy few weeks, but I’m excited to share all of the pictures and experiences with you!

I’ve also been tossing the idea of starting up a movie review blog. I love movies and I think I would be able to provide some insight into the film industry outside of the typical surface level content reviews we often find. What do you think? Would you read it if I did?

I hope and pray your summer is going well. What out of the ordinary things have you experienced so far? Let me know in the comments below!

You are loved.

You are valued.






6 Replies to “Addressing the Elephant in the Room…”

    1. Absolutely! I understand it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Thank you for your input. 🙂

      It really is lol. One week of it is vacation, but it’s alot of suitcase living. Really excited for it, but I’m sure I’ll be happy to get back home!

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