“Finding Who We Are” Entry #19: Raised in Hell, Rescued by Heaven

It’s been a long time.

Like greeting an old friend, its warm embrace welcomes us back.

For those who are new, Finding Who We Are was a concept inspired by a desire to give hurting individuals a platform to share their story. It was meant to inspire hope and transparency. A refuge, if you will, for broken people to help other broken people.

For those who are familiar with this concept, welcome back. I’m so excited to share these stories with you!

Today, my friend Taylor is going to be sharing her story with us. I’ve known Taylor for a few years now, but have never heard her story until now. It is truly powerful. We hope that you are encouraged and inspired by her testimony.

Growing up, I was abused by my parents.

My family believed in witchcraft, so I was involved in that for the first ten years of my life. When I was eleven and twelve, I was sexually abused by my father. When I went to my mom, she did not believe me.

At that age, I started to self-harm and the abuse continued for 2 more years. As a result, self-harm became worse.

When I was 14, my mother died from a blood disease and my father left my sister and me in a house that had no lights or food. We went back and forth to our neighbor’s house just to eat and take showers. My grandparents took my sister and me in, and we moved to Raleigh. No one in my family knew about the abuse beside my parents. No one knew about the self-harm.

A few months after my mother died, I started to have night terrors and the self-harm became worse. It lead to me attempting suicide on two different occasions.  I didn’t want to deal with the pain or depression anymore.

Shortly after, I got involved in a church and that seemed to help, but it did not take away the pain that I felt. Going to the church, I realized that everyone around me had freedom and there was something different about everyone. I could not figure it out. I started to go to summer camp with the church, and my senior year I came to know Christ as my savior.

My life didn’t change in one day, however.

Each day it became easier to deal with the things that I faced, but depression, self-harm, suicidal ideations, and the night terrors were still there. I came to college, and my second semester of my freshman year, my grandmother passed away from cancer and that sent me into a spiral depression.

I tried to commit suicide again because I felt that I had lost everything at that point. I wanted nothing to do with God. It took someone realizing that if I didn’t get help, I would not be on this earth much longer. I went to a place called mercy ministry and they helped me be able to work through the things that I had not worked through in about 7 years. For the first time in 7 years, I cried over my mother’s death.

I was in the program for 7 months, I graduated the program, and was able to come back to school. Ever since I came back, I have been almost 2 years clean from self-harm and suicide.

God took what I thought was broken and made it new. He took me as a broken child and made me his daughter.


God took what I thought was Broken

Thank you, again, Taylor, for being willing to openly share your heart. The heartbreak you’ve experienced in your life is horrendous. Your desire to inspire hope, though, does just that.

I am searching for new submissions to this series! I would love to read your stories and share them with the Confessions’ Community. If you are willing to discuss the possibility, PLEASE email me at confessionsmalin@gmail.com.

Keep in touch with me using the social media links above!

You are loved.

You are valued.

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