Through these Streets — A Poem

This week on PresserPoets, WordPress’ newest website dedicated to poetry, we’re celebrating and discussing long distance love!

It’s a form of relationships many people live through and endure, so we thought we should pay homage to it all through a week dedicated to those strong enough to love distantly!

This is the first, of three, poems that I have submitted for this week! I hope you enjoy it, and if you haven’t yet, make sure you follow us over there! 🙂

You are loved.

You are valued.


For years, we’ve held each other in our minds.

For years, I’ve held your hand in my heart.

There’s something unique about the passing of time

When it’s as if we’re light-years apart.

It’s true, what they say,

That distance brings difficulty.

“Love is hard enough these days

Without being apart physically.”

I mean, I get where they’re coming from.

We have our good days and then some not so.

The space between us succumbs

To the crazy love we share, though.

We’re normal people. Not crazy, right?

It’s not like we control the sunrise or moonlit sky.

I’m sure if we were given that power tonight

It’d be you and I laying underneath the star-covered lullaby.

Instead, you make me laugh from across the world.

Our connection has no rules, only love.

I get through the day knowing it’s you I’ll one day hold.

I stare into the mirror…

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