| Incessantly |

Roaring through the field

Originating from the sky.

Blackened light ripping through my eyes.

A loud crash,

A distant spark,

And so begins the violence in my heart.

Pouring through my skin

Soaking me to the bone

Is it OK to say I wanna go home?

I feel alone in this silence

I’m left to simply wonder

The regrets of my past haunt me as thunder.

We could have been OK.

It’s not your fault.

The wind tore through me by default.

I let my emotions go.

I didn’t care.

Oh, to know what I had when it was there.

The yearning…

I can’t describe.

I only wish to lay here in this lullaby.

Sing me to sleep, sweet lover.

Cradle me peacefully.

The remnants of our past drown me incessantly.



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