“Finding Who We Are” Entry #23: What is Depression?

Happy Wednesday, my friends! I know it is not often that you hear from me anymore and for that I am sorry. Some of you know the deeper intrinsic nature of my absence, but for now I will stick with “life” as being my excuse.

I am, however, still committed to telling people’s stories and giving them a place to share their hearts with you. Today, my close friend Lee Kimball, has offered to get real with you. He has not opened up about this side of his pain before and so you all are of the first to hear this story!

We pray you are encouraged.

Hello everyone, My name is Lee Kimball. I am 22 years old. I have an amazing girlfriend who wrote last week’s entry; Kenzie Caster. I am a fifth year senior at Piedmont International University. What I am studying at Piedmont is Christian Ministries (major) with a double minor in Pastoral studies and Missions. Being a pastor is my goal in life, because of my passion for people and the passion to share the gospel around the world.

Let’s start with the question; what is depression?

Depression is the feeling that you are totally alone. It feels like you have been isolated from the rest of the world. It makes you feel like you are the only person going through any struggles. It makes you constantly worry about everything. The biggest thing that you worry about is if people are going to judge you or not.

So where did all of this begin for me? This all began back in middle school. Yes; my depression started back in middle school. At least for me, because I was constantly picked on and I was told “I was not good enough”. Believe me, once you hear that statement enough, in your head, you will start to believe it. It is a sad commentary, but it is also a true one. I started to fall into a bad depression, where I would try and put on a “front” (being fake) to try and show everyone that I was “okay” when really I was not.

I was hurting inside, and I did not know how to escape.

But the good news is that I found hope in other friends, but most importantly I found my hope in Christ. He is the one that created me. As I soon figured out, He had created me for a purpose. At the young age of sixteen, I had felt the call into ministry (which is what I am studying at Piedmont now) and I have never looked back. I am so glad that I found Christ and that he saved me, because without him, I don’t know where I would be.

Thank you, Lee, for sharing your story with us! Having known you for so long, it’s truly incredible to see the growth in you and your heart for other people. Love ya man!

You are loved.

You are valued.

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